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Thread: Obama admits he is a Mulsum

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    Obama admits he is a Mulsum

    I will start by quoting Rigsby from another post:
    "Don't forget, there is a higher power way beyond Obama & company. I choose to call this power God. I do not see God in Obama... I could be wrong; he says he is a "Christian". Until we remove the dirtbags from office, my faith is in God & not in politics. Freakin' dirt-bags."

    Now I find this series of clips. Only God really knows, but this is pretty convincing. What have we gotten ourselves into?
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" Edmund Burke

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    Well gentlemen...

    I suppose I am not terribly surprised to hear this. You know, If Obama was just a Democrat or Liberal, that is one thing. A liberal may be way different that I am, but I love people generally in spite of differences. Somewhere I can find a common ground with someone who is different than myself & we will get along fine... sometimes it is fun. With Obama, I see no common ground to identify to. Most people do not like arrogance, Obama has RAM-RODDED all American people with things that appear to only HURT us... not protect us or our countries best interest. Weather you are a Democrat/Republican/Independent/etc.... the voice of the American people is being ignored by a relatively young man who is arrogant, has no military experience, calls our country no longer Christian, & then FORCES political issues down our throat... which we pay for. End the end, he could be a Muslim. He could be a complete FAKE for all we know. I still am mystified how is our president!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by batateam
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    working to print out the $25 rebate form yesterday, and no one with the 1-800 customer service line will help.
    Does ANYONE have the $25 Pandigital rebate form from Macys that they can send me? It was for this past weekend's sales
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    what are you ??stupid or something?? :roll:

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