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Thread: beware of ad#1737046

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    beware of ad#1737046

    Beware of this guy....He wanted a deposit to hold this car, sent him one on Dec 15th, says he never got it. Email him to find out if he received it yet, got a reply calling me everything in the book, still can't understand why???Now he says he cashed my check, with a laugh but next message from him said he didn't receive it. I stopped payment on the check and my bank says it wasn't cash yet so all I'm out is $35.00 and the car I wanted.....not sure if this guy even has a car or just out to scam....beware of this guy....

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    I'd question the fact that he says it's a Ninja 500 engine and runs 10.50.
    A stock 500 won't run anywhere near that in a motorcycle much less in a car chassis.

    Stock 1990 Kawasaki Ninja 500 EX 1/4 mile Drag Racing timeslip specs 0-60
    1/4 Mile ET: 13.487
    1/4 Mile MPH: 97.300
    1/8 Mile ET: 8.528
    1/8 Mile MPH: 81.260
    0-60 Foot ET: 1.994
    Temperature F: 70.0
    12.73 s @ 102 mph

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    I just emailed the guy from my eBay account and went right to here and find this ??????? WOW.

    I am curious to see how this plays out. The et time listed didn't make me take notice as much as who built it. It says McKinney built it...........
    That was going to be my main question.

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    I agree...I didn't think he ever built a Mini chassie but wasn't sure....

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    I own the car and anyone is welcome to come on over and check it out anytime.It is a mcKinney chassis and he did build them.Now this Idiot...He said he was sending a deposit which he never sent and never recieved.He had a ad posted selling his dodge and sais right in the ad he can not buy my car until he sold the other.He figured he could buy some time of me holding if for him telling me he sent a deposit.He never sent it he is a liar.First if you are going to spend 5000.00 would you at least call the guy and talk with him about the car.I know every time i bought one sight unseen and ones i have bought i went to pick up i always call and talk over the deal on the phone.He never called nothing.My number is right in the ad.He emailed me once sais he wanted it is it still for sale and second sending a deposit.I figured something was up than nothing ever comes.Wouldent you send a cirtified check and have some sort of tracking that the seller recieved the check? No he has nothing because he did nothing.This guy is a peice of work but there is always one in the bunch.Love this site have had great luck here but this guy is an idiot.Lets see the paperwork!!!!!!Yah you have nothing..Oh well life goes on.he gave me a good laugh though.And she does run in the 10's.I have the slips.My brother ran it a few times and she is mid to high tens.I have a dragster and he was driving that having a blast.Not sure what was done to the engine i bought it as it is all i did was add gas.i never drove it my self except up my road.My Brother is 100lbs lighter than i.Hope this clears a bit up.Please bud guy show us the reciepts..

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    that is one sharp little car , wish I had an extra 5 grand to blow

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    It really is a cool little car.I have a dirt car and a dragster and it is just too much to keep 3 cars.I am not a rich guy and really did not want to sell it but i dont even drive it my self.My plan was to put a Arctic Cat zr 900 engine on it i have.I have seen a couple videos of a few guys running NOS with snowmobile engines in the 7's.They are cool.

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    Kinda sounds like a buyer playing GAMES !!!!!!!!!!!! KOOOOL ride,,i have seen some of these around,and they do run good..

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    Here is his ad number where he says he has to sell his first before he buys mine Ad #1719557 see how fast he can go pull it down.funny.

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    First, I sent $500.00 not $5000.00. That's the amount you asked for. Second my car is sold, If I want to, to a guy in Bristel Tn. I don't need to sell my car to buy yours, I just don't want two cars in my shop and do not one to sit outside. How can I be scammming when I'm the one that sent the money and didn't ask for him to send me any. I sent a personal check in the mail because I was trusting you to do the right thing....I never said you cashed it or tried to cheat me out of it, all I did was asked if you received it....that's all then you went nuts on me....I have all of your emails if anyone wants to see them.....You need to ask yourself why would this be trying to scam you??? If you didn't receive the deposit then sell the damn car....but if had received it then and only then....hold it for the person like you said you would.....I hope someone buys it and then I'll buy it from them.

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