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Thread: Transmission cooler

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    Transmission cooler

    Has anyone used the frame rail trans cooler made by Perma-Cool? I was trying to get away from running the lines all the way to the front of the car. Or is it better just to run the lines to the front with the std cooler? Tks

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    I've been running one that is mounted on the frame rail along side of the transmission for several years and have not had any problems. Mine is drag race only but I don't think you would have a problem running one on the street. Remember cooling through the radiator it's going to get as hot as the eng. temp.

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    yea, that is what I was thinking. So if your engine is running180+ the trany oil would heat up also, on the frame cooler would still be cooler than your rad. how many times you drive the car in 180+ weather?? (outside air temp) Thanks

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    tranny cooler

    unless you are running a little engine and trans combo with a real low stall( like a little put put street rod, ) i would run a good size tranny cooler(not one in the radiator) out in front of the radiator. those little frame rail coolers that look like a radiaror fin really cant do much cooling and they probably wont get much air flow through them, and they are usually close to the road surface(hot summer road surface). do the right thing and put in a good one(not 3/4 inch thick) but 1 1/2 inches thick if it is a street car and same if it is a drag car with any kind of stall. just my opinion. i did it like this on my street vega 406 sbc with turbo 350 and about a 3400 rpm stall. i used a 10x21x1 1/2 thick tranny cooler mounted in front of my radiator chevy art

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    Sorry guys but I got to disagree on the internal radiator transmission cooler vs after market external tranny cooler.

    Most air/air coolers only drop temp around about 20 degrees, where a typical rad cooler will drop the fluid temp around 40+ degrees.
    Theres a reason they came that way from the factory.
    You can get added cooling by using the OEM radiator tranny cooler in conjunction with a air tranny cooler, internal first, then external cooler, not vise versa.

    Do the math.

    If the tranny temp is 170, and your just using a external cooler, the fluid temp is only cooled down to 150, run it thru a radiator cooler, the fluid is now 120.

    Most all radiator transmission coolers are located in the coolest part of a rad, on the return, even if the engine temp is 180 (engine) the rad is not, the function of the rad is to 'cool the fluid, by the time the coolant has circulated thru the rad is has cooled down significantly, usually over 50 to 60 degrees, so that 180 water/coolant is now 120/130 degrees.

    The rad trans cooler also acts as a fluid warmer - helping the tranny get up to normal operating range quicker, usually around 160 to 180 degrees.

    Beware of most small aftermarket coolers - they are usually quite restrictive and can impead flow.
    If you are going that route, buy a nmae brand quality cooler and get the biggest one you can fit in front of the rad with plenty of clean air flow.

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