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Thread: AOD Problems

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    AOD Problems

    Hey all,

    I have an AOD in my 81 F-100 that I'm building. It was running great, but I decided to mess with it anyway. I installed a constant pressure valve body by TCI in it a few weeks ago, and it started leaking out of the bell housing. I spoke to TCI, and they said it had to be a coincidence that the front seal blew the same time I put the valve body in. Well, I just figured they knew what they were talking about, so I pulled the tranny and put a new front seal in it (and a new 2800 stall converter since I was pulling it anyway). After installation, I filled it up with fluid, let it warm up and the fluid level was fine, no leaking. After a test drive of about a mile, I pulled back up to my shop, and it was leaking worse than it was before! Had about a 2' puddle form in about 30 seconds after I stopped.

    Does anyone know if the valve body change could have caused this problem? Or what else could be causing this leaking?


    John T.

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    Could it be a possible leak in the valvebody gasket??? or Valvebody making the vent pressurized?

    I had a similar problem once, just a thought

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    Not sure about a leak in the gasket, everything went together great when installing the valve body though. Could the leak come from the front plate that's behind the torque converter leaking?

    The valve body keeps a constant 200psi line pressure, but I'm not really familiar with the insides of this tranny (yet) so I don't know if the whole case has that much pressure, or if it's just in the lines?

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    The plate behind the torque converter is the front pump and has a o-ring seal that seals is to the case. There should not be any pressure in the case as long as the vent is not plugged. Generally if the torque converter seal is leaking it's because the bushing in the pump is worn. Changing the valve body should not have any external affect with the transmission. I would check to see exactly where the leak is coming from.

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