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Thread: 383 aftermarket tuned port camshaft

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    383 aftermarket tuned port camshaft

    I have a GTA trans am that was a 355 small block with AFR cnc ported heads (187 cc port) with Tpis mini ram and 24 lb injectors. 9.5-10:1 right now. heres my cam specs off the web site......

    ZZ-9 HydraulicRoller:
    Intake Exhaust This is an emission legal cam which makes
    Advertised Duration 282/ 287 over 400HP with our CNC"D LT heads and
    Duration at .050 212 /226 F-car headers. Great with an auto or six
    Gross Lift .483/.520 speed.
    Lobe Separation 112

    Those specs are with 1.5 rockers. after rocker failure i swapped to 1.6's. Cheat way to gain camshaft haha.

    After a head gasket blow-out and washing out the bearings, i'm building it up to a 383 utilizing the same top end. Bumping the compression up to 11-11.5:1 Question i have big of cam is too big to run with the fuel injection setup? I'd think you would be able to program the fuel system to run whatever setup you have. TPIS says the largest cam to run with my system is one stage larger cam which is basicly the same cam just larger intake lift. (.520/.520 lift.... 226/226 duration)

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    With the mini ram, you can get away with more cam than that, especially in a 383. The last one i did was 236-244 at .050 on a 112. Its in a 85 Corvette, tpis mini ram intake, mildly ported Canfield 195 heads. It has a nice rumpity idle, but not overly crazy. Still drives nice, has tons of bottom end. It did take a bit of tuning, but it is a solid 11 second 115 mph in syreet trim car that gets 25mpg. If you still had the Tune port set up, then putting in a bigger cam is counter productive, as the long runners kill power above 4800, where the bigger cam would start to really work.


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    the camshaft i have is from erson. its a hydraulic roller and has valve lift of .510/.510 and duration of 302/310 and card says 110+4 lobe center. gross lift is .340/.340 with duration at .050 being 234/242. thats all for 1.5 rockers so my lift should be .544 with 1.6's.

    any opinions??

    im hoping this setup will make close to or above 500 hp on premuim pump gas.

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