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Thread: Mopar stage 6 heads

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    Mopar stage 6 heads

    whats wrong with the stage 6 Mopar heads and how well do they flow

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    Re: Mopar stage 6 heads

    Quote Originally Posted by str
    whats wrong with the stage 6 Mopar heads
    They're mopar....... :shock: :lol:
    ***IN GOD WE TRUST***

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    X2 Should have gone with Ford.

    j/k Mopar1968 is the Mopar guy here.
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    Dennis, I'm presuming the 'nut' in your signature refers to the 'Jesus nut'...oops, sorry about the side track, str! I'm also Mopar but not knowledgable of the Stage 6 heads....
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
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    Nothing wrong with them they flow very well,Big block's love them :!: :!: These Ford guy's don't know what a great engine really is :!: :!: :lol: :lol:

    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    They are over looked heads, and make good power. The 2 problems with them is that new they are way over priced, so, not many people swing for them, considering Edelbrock Rpm's are about $300 a set cheaper, ready to bolt on, vs bare heads that need to be set up. Thats one. The other one is that years ago, before they switched places that cast them for mopar, there were a lot of issues with them, with cracking, leaking, and bad machining. Otherwise, they can really make good power.

    I had a guy who had them already, new in boxes, that he payed like $1650 for, sell them for $900, bought 440 Source junk, and had me port the 440source heads. I tried like crazy to talk him out of doing that, but, he "heard" on the internet, that the stage 6 heads were junk. Thats funny. He sold a WAY better set of heads for a $750 hit, to buy butter soft, stolen versions of Edelbrock heads.

    I have done numerous sets, the non-max wedge standard version stage 6's, fully ported to max wedge size, 2.19 intakes, will flow right around 340cfm, and make 750+hp without much trouble. the max wedge versions, that are cast to start with the max opening, and different chamber, will flow a bit better, and can make 800hp.


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