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Thread: Contest for a good cause

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    Contest for a good cause

    Hey guys I seen this one another forum and thought it mihgt be a good thing to pass it on here. I copied and pasted the original post onto here that explains a lil bit on what is going on. I posted twice so far. Here is the original post with 1 minor change to it.

    I'm not normally a bleeding heart and to be quite honest, I am usually somewhat skeptical of giving to supposedly "worthy causes". However, in this case I know a person who is trying to do something good for an honest reason and I don't mind supporting him. This guy's wife has MS and she is slowly deteriorating. He has entered a contest where he can win if lots of people comment on his youtube video. If any of you are up for it, it doesn't cost anything other than having a free youtube account, logging in, and posting a comment in the comments section. He is keeping a spreadsheet of where the comments come from so you can put down that you are from Racing Junk if you want to. Thanks for any of you that take the time to give this guy a hand. Here is the link:
    Its all fun and games till someone loses a nut!

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    nice ill have to sign up first

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    Thanks for allowing my video to be shared here! I haven't posted before now because I didn't want to intrude. I appreciate the efforts you have made so far.

    We were doing pretty well, now someone new has joined and they have 3x the amount of votes we do. If you would like to, please help me out.

    Day 1 of the war. 20 days remaining.
    Contact Oprah Here:
    Contact Ellen Here:
    Contact Montel Here:
    If you haven't, join this facebook group and tell all your "friends" to do the same.

    Please do what you can. Thank you.

    If you posted my story on another website, please copy this message and paste it there.

    If you like burn outs, here are some I did in my 514 cubic inch 4x4 truck.
    The first few were before the locker.

    Also here's a video of me racing a mustang!

    Here is a more even race.

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    I left a comment there for you.

    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    I am in, my wife was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago, we have been lucky so far since it was caught early. We attend MS awareness meetings once a year and the reality of the disease sets in, nothing like having a conversation with a 24 year old girl who just graduated from college. She had been diagnosed 8 months ago and was already in a wheelchair. It really makes us both appreciate life. I ask everyone to go to the site and do what needs to be done.


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    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
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    C'mon guys and gals, this is for a good cause, get off your butt and comment on the video already.

    'IF' you dont have account with youtube> create one.

    It's simple to do and only takes one minute of your time and a email address, after signing up - comment on the video and your done.

    Only 6 replies so far, we can do better than that.

    P.S. mention your from RJ too, let them know we support this cause.

    ***IN GOD WE TRUST***

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    ***IN GOD WE TRUST***

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