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Thread: 1995 impala ss wiring problems

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    1995 impala ss wiring problems

    I have a 1995 impala ss, 90,000 original miles, 2nd owner, always garaged kept, not a dent, scratch, tear, stain anywhere. When I got it the guy told me that it had some wiring issues.
    When the doors are open, none of the interior lights come on, doesnt matter what door is open, they dont come on. All the interior lights come on though when I roll the switch into the on position and the dimmer dims the dash lights.
    Oil pressure gauge- When the key is off, sits at the L as normal, when the key is in the acc position it reads straight up the middle, and when the ignition is on and the car is running, it pegs the H and doesnt move.
    Water temp gauge- When driving down the road, it doesnt read, it sits at the L. But when the car is idling, stop light, stop sign, drive thru, it starts to creep up and read, but when I take off again it goes back to the L.
    The cruise control is hit and miss, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. When I try to mist the windshield with fluid, it doesnt work, and the resevoir is full. The turn signals, and bright lights work.
    Im thinkin that also the stock electric fan may not be working also, I have never heard it turn on and never seen it turn before.
    Any ideas what is goin on here or should I send it to a GM dealership and let them work out the kinks? Please help!

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    Have you checked to see if theere are any codes on the computer?? If not I know Autozone hooks up a handheld computer to check the faults for free. Just a suggestion.
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    havent checked any codes, but there are no lights on on the dash, they all light up when the key is turned forward, I know the low fuel level light works for sure, didnt run outa gas but thank god for a long tall hill to cruise down and pull into gas station

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    Double check all your chassis grounds.
    There is a voltage regualtor for the instrument cluster somewhere up there in all that mess, it may be causing your gauge woes.

    The crusie control issue sounds like the multifunction switch is on the fritz.

    What happend to the lighting Jordan? You traded it for this problematic impala :shock:

    At least it's a chebby!

    Goodluck, Cp
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