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Thread: got hosed by wisconsin's tony lee good enuff II tractor

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    got hosed by wisconsin's tony lee good enuff II tractor

    :evil: :evil:
    tony lee out of wisconson user name kenny002ski sold me a modified tractor on aug 3rd 2009, I paid him for it then he sold it to another individual from northwestern minnisota. tony has not given me my money back , $6500.00 worth
    stay away from this guy! he is nothing but bad news and lies!!!
    if any one can help me with this matter it would be appriciated, also
    if anyone knows who ended up with this modified tractor called
    "good enuff II" please respond . criminal charges will be brought up on tony lee need any help I can get on this jerk

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    Did you buy it off here?? If so we need an ad# and if you can go into a lil more detail on what happend would be good too.
    Its all fun and games till someone loses a nut!

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    tony lee good enuff II tractor

    ad was posted on here ad # 1614712 dated 08-01-2009
    i responded to his ad with in an hour,told him i would buy his tractor he agreed to sell it to me I wire him $3500.00 on the 3rd of aug,he faxed me a bill of sale on aug 8th 2009. I told him I would pick up tractor later
    ( i'm 900 miles away) he assured me that was ok, the tractor was locked up in his fathers shop. his wife then called me on sept 16th 2009 wanted the rest of the money wired to them complaning that time had gone on long enough. I wired them the remaining $3000.00 on sept 17th. I called tony on sept 22nd to set up a time to pick up the tractor, he said he was in florida and the weekend of the 25th would not work but the following weekend would. he then cald me on monday the 28th said he would be there for the weekend but was in chicago airport gounded because of high winds. he then called me on the 29th of sept said a tree blew over on the shop where the tractor was stored and that the tree had also damaged the motor he said he would wire me the money back and when the motor was fixed I could repurchase the tractor. The money was never sent back and at that point I called his dad, his dad said somebody else came and got the tractor but didnt know who it was. all I have heard is its somebody from northwestern minn.

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    oohhhh CRap ,this aint looking good !!!!!!!!!!!

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    JW: I sent him a post off of his ad & told him he better come over here & take a look... told him if he could not access the scammer section, I will forward him the info/ allegation. For 6500.00, I would be VERY motivated to encourage this man to PAY UP.

    To the Scammer: be careful, I know people who will find others for a lot less than 6500.00!! For a commission of about 1500.00, there are guys who will do some pretty ugly things to recover money (you never know what people will do if that was their last 6500.00). NOT GOOD. PAY HIM BACK.
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    Go mow someones lawn and it will make it all better... :shock:

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    Quote Originally Posted by gungho
    Go mow someones lawn and it will make it all better... :shock:
    Common sense is not that common.

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