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    I am new to electronics, and need some help. I am getting a dragster and need to get a box, throttle stop (preferably w/ starting line enhancer) and the works to go with it. What are you opinions on the best units and what all do I need to buy to get started? Thanks!

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    In a dragster, I'd recommend either a Dedenbear Lightning or K&R Procube due to their size and the limited space you'll have. I'm a Dedenbear guy myself. K&R, Biondo, and others have dual cyl co2 stops that work very well. You can set one cyl for starting line enhancer and the other for et control........

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    I have a Biondo 85 in my car. It's a delay box with crossover and has a 4 stage throttle-stop timer and has the starting line enhancer.


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    I like the biondo stuff its very easy to wire and use.

    The next thing I will say, a baseplate stop is easier to 90 race with then a linkage style, they are more predicatable. But if you do go linkage make sure you buy a actual ts and not just a SLE
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    My personal preference is Biondo Elite 500 box with a dedenbear under the carb electric stop that has the primary kit. This setup works good whether you are killing a few tenths or a couple seconds to get to a 90.

    a linkage stop will work, but is nowhere near as consistent. Look around at the winners and you generally wont see a linkage deal.

    The starting line enhancer is awesome when bracket racing a fast car, but its no use on pro tree racing.
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