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Thread: (very) small block Chevy

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    (very) small block Chevy

    I have an old 283 engine that I've been storing because it's the correct replacement for the one in '66 ELCamino, but I'm thinking about building it now as a 301 like we did way back in the dayto power a light weight little chopped and channelled Model T coupe that would be street legal but used more for drag racing. I'm thinking of running a glide with a 9" Ford and the weight should come in around 2200 pounds. I have a choice of a set of aluminum Chevrolet heads with 1.94 intakes or a set of cast iron Vortec heads also with 1.94s. I'm leaning towards the aluminum heads because I have a selection of intakes and carbs I could experiment with and they are all old style. I'd like to hear what you guys think about the head selection and also need some cam suggestions. I'd prefer to go with a hydraulic flat tappet 'cause basically I'm lazy but I'd consider a solid lifer or solid roller cam if that'll work. My intake choices are single palne, dual plane, old style dual quad single plane with 2 little 500 Holleys. I.m not looking to go lightning fast at this point but thought a hi wind'n tiny sbc would be a lot of fun in a light little coupe. How about compression ratio too? With it street driven occasionally I'd like to burn pump gas. Can I go a little higher on compression with the alloy heads?

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    What's the casting numbers on the heads?
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    "Can I go a little higher on compression with the alloy heads"

    I've always heard that you could go a tad higher without detonation on aluminum heads cause they absorb the heat and get rid of it quicker, where as a iron head will retain the heat.

    But still I wouldnt think it would be that much higher than a cast iron head though.

    About 10.5 to 1 or 11-1 is as high as you want to go with pump gas, no matter what head your using.

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