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Thread: slicks

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    who do you guys and gals thing make the best slicks.

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    That's one of those questions, if you ask 10 people you'll get 10 different answers, so here's mine. I've always run Goodyear Eagles.


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    M/T for six years. Not the same set for that long. Very consistant tire.

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    i've allways ran m/t but want to try something new next year but don't know what trying to get some ideals from you guys. i have a 3100 pound 87 camaro with a sbc and glide it runs 10.70-80's with a 28x10.5w so been watching other cars and tires to see whats working.

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    I run GOODYEAR because they had a stiff sidewall the size I much as they cost I am scared to take a chance and buy something else when I know the goodyear works well for mine.

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    Hoosiers why because they dont shake like a mother'fer like a good year does ... and they are cheaper

    A few weeks ago I tried some MT's on my car for the first time .. compred to the goodyears on a A/B/A test the MT's were a full 4 hundreths faster in the 60ft alone ... and talk about smoooothhhhh

    I will own a set soon to try on the cold and dewy tracks
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    Another vote for Hoosier here. They are smooth, keep your fillings in your teeth in the burnout and hook on hot or cold tracks.

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    I used to run M/T on my Camaro. 28 x 14.5 x 15 I think. I found that Hoosier made the same size tyre but they were an inch wider at the tread and 1 lb lighter per tyre.

    I run 34.5x17x16 Hoosiers on my Nova. Never had a problem and they're a damn sight cheaper than Goodyears.
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    Good years all the way. M/T makes a good set of small tires, but I have yet to get a set of M/T 34.5x17x16 that were within 1-1/2" of each other on Roll Out. Out of 3 sets the closest waa 1-1/2". 1st set I had ripped the chords on the side walls and the tire looked like a basket ball when you kick it. M/T didn't want to take them back but Doug Hurberts made it right and traded them for a set of goodyears. The second set we had we threw on really quick and made a blast without checking roll out. They are over 2" different in roll out and sitting in my garage because M/T doesn't want to take them back. Went and looked at a replacement set for the 2nd set of M/T and they are over 1-1/2" out of Roll out. Goodyears have always been within 1/2" roll out and run like a champ. Never had any issues with Goodyears except the cost, but you pay for quality. Got a set of M/T on my Monte Carlo right now that I would replace with Goodyears and will when they are worn out. Why did we continue to buy M/T, they pay contigency and we tried to support the Products that supports our racing, but when the company doesn't stand behind there products they sale, I have a issue with that.

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