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Thread: To coat or not to coat

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    To coat or not to coat

    Any thoughts on ceramic coating the cylinder walls on a stroked,alky injected bb chevy? Seems to work well imo.

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    I don't know about car engines but in my snowmobile engine it has Nickasil coating on the cylinders on one occasion one of my studs went thru my heat exchanger(radiator) as i was not aware the engine eventually siezed. After a tear down and checking everything i had to do a light hone,replace rings & pistons and it ran perfect zero damage to cylinders pistons were badly scuffed along skirts.

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    How consistent is the thickness when they apply it such as how round will the cylinder stay? Will it make the walls wavy? How much does it add to the wall?


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    Seems to be applied very sparingly curtis,not enough to have any tolerance effects.Very reputable firm did this process for me and I Just took my engine down and the bores are looking great after 150 plus passes. gotta call and ask exactly what the bores were coated with. Says ceramic coating though, new to me...

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    Probably Hesh,im at max bore 15 to 1 methanol juiced,150 passes, and theres no freakin bore wear whatsoever. Impressive stuff...

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    I don't have a clue about cylinder wall coating, I know it works on motor cycles and snowmobiles. And those engines are turnng some rpm's.

    I have had great luck kool coating my pistons. Engines seem to run alot longer with less cylinder wall wear.

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