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    Patient Office

    Ol' timer walks into the patient office with a bushel of apples.

    Looks the patient officer right in the eye and says,

    "Sonny, I want to patient these apples"

    The patient officer chuckles and politely states,

    "Well Sir, you can't patient apples anyone can grow them".

    The Ol Timer replies, Not like these.

    These apples are multi-flavored.

    Multi-flavored??? The patient Officer asked.

    Yep; says the Ol Timer, try one.

    The Ol Timer reaches into the big bushel of shiny apples and hands one to the patient officer and says, "here ya go take a bite".

    The patient officer bites into the apple and with an amazing surprise says " How on earth did you do that? That apple taste like the best Watermelon I have ever eaten".

    Ol Timer says "Flip the apple over and take another bite."

    The patient officer flips the apple over and is now in shock. He can't believe it, but that side of the apple taste like fresh cantaloupe.

    The patient officer asks, "What other flavors do you have and the Ol timer replies by stating there is an apple for every flavor known to man.

    The patient officer says well let me try another apple.

    Ol Timer reaches into the bushel basket and pulls out another shinny apple, shines it up on his shirt sleeve, hands it to the patient officer and says "Well, take a bite"

    The patient officer does and is once again surprised. This apple taste like oranges, well now, go ahead, Flip It Over. The patient officer flips the apple over and is now totally stumped. This side of the apple taste like strawberries says the patient officer.

    Now the Ol Timer is standing tall and really starting to brag on the quality of his apples and the wide variety of flavors he has .

    The patient officer asked what flavors don't you have? The Ol Timer looks him dead in the eye with a face of stone and says "I told you once before I have every flavor know to man.

    The patient officer leans over his desk towards the Ol Timer and whispers lightly to the Ol Timer and Says, " I bet you don't have one that taste like PU$$Y in that basket, Do ya?

    Slightly dazed from the subtle question the Ol Timer was just asked from the patient officer, the Ol Timer slowly digs way down into the bottom of the bushel basket and pulls out the most beautiful apples the patient officer has ever seen.

    Go ahead says the Ol Timer, take a bite.....

    The patient officer carefully buffs the apple with his shirt sleeve and takes the biggest bite he could possibly muster.

    Oh My!!!!!!!!!!! The patient officer replies, That Taste Like SH_T!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With a low and somber voice the Ol Timer tells the patient officer,

    Well Sonny, You have to FLIP IT OVER... FLIP IT OVER..............

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