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Thread: Selling down or people getting smarter???

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    Selling down or people getting smarter???

    Hardly any new posts in here?? I check it several times a day & either no ones selling anything(which I suspect) or everyones getting so smart no one can rip them off??HMMMMMM -- I hope thats the case but seriously doubt it--Im sure we have'nt locked all those worthless scumbags up because the dickhead & his wife that ripped me off twice are still on the loose--Sounds like Im not the smart one that can get had by the same family?? LOL They used different names,Addresses & different citys--I never suspected until the first load of junk arrived & I started the research(which Should have been done prior to the transaction) Then the light came on--Like putting the cat out after he done his business behind the sofa--Just Curious--Thanx for looking--

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    I would say selling is way down.I have some items I have been trying to sell and its just not a good time to sell.Now if your trading everybody has a trade but nobody has any cash.Hopefully things get better we will see

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    I notice sell is way down, either no one has any money or there holding on to it, my resent expierence I have a medium duty truck for sale, sold it, got a deposit, guy went to the bank to borrow money and he didn't have perfect credit and they didn't borrow him the cash. I hope thing get better, I see alot of people hurting in my area, due to the big 3 laying people off
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    I think for the most part on big ticket items, selling is down when cash is involved, say $500.00 and up. I have had a number of people call me and tell me "Consider It Sold"

    Then those in so famous words, "I'll send you the money tomorrow" , go ahead and take it off the internet board its for sale on.

    Needless to say tomorrow comes & goes, but the payment for your item, "Consider It Sold" never comes.

    And all of that really does not matter, What I don't understand is they did not even give theirself the respect to call and let me know something has come up and they will not be able to purchase the item at this time...

    I think most people are understanding enough to thank them for such a call. This would also allow the seller to repost the item without wondering if they were about to Pi$$ off the last potential Buyer... JMO

    Nope, most of these guys show their true collors....

    On the otherhand, I have seen more people wanting to trade some really nice new parts with cash ta'boot.

    This is always a win, win situation for the buyer and seller in tough economic times.

    If someone has a part you may be in need of and you just happen to have something they need, it seems comming to terms is quite easy as long as you are trading new item for new item....

    It's when trading new for used that you may run into some difficult neogation.... but sincere common sense will help the buyer and seller come to an agreement in most situations.

    If I am not mistaken, this could have been the reason the concept of why was birthed...... To bring fellow racers together & share their knowledge & experiences of the racing industry on and off the track as well as help them weed out some of those parts piling up in the corner of the garage..

    On another note...
    I could be wrong, but it seems the number of items postd for sale on a daily basis has dropped considerably and I also think RJ member enrollment has declined as well.

    Fact of the matter is there are a few more low ballers out there now than in recent years and I can see where alot of people just don't want to go through the hassle and deal with them.

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    i know it looks like its the buying and money wise..I havnt sold anything in a while..and i usely get messages just about everyday but now its real slow baddddd..Well yall maybe everything will pick up but if it dont then i dont know what will happen to racingjunk..This has been the Worstest sells on racingjunk Period..i just dont know what will happen from here..Just Hope and Pray everything will pick back up soon..i know i hope so..

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    I just look, :cry: :cry: Oboma is still pres.

    Not going to get better yet. :shock: :wink:
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