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Thread: Fuel Tank move\replace help

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    Fuel Tank move\replace help

    I am not sure this is the right palce to post this, but here goes... I have a '71 Chevy C10 P/U that I am doing a frame off resto on. I love these trucks but have always hated the gas tank behind the seat. I would like to here opinions or ideas about how and where to move the tank....perhaps replace it with a fuel cell. This truck is going to be near show qaulity (I hope) when I am finished, but it is also going to be a driver. I told my wife it will be our "Date Truck", so I am not sure a small fuel cell is going to work, since I am installing a 427 that is mildly hopped up....7 MPG will have me stopping at every gas station in town with a 8-10 gallon cell.

    Anyway, if anyone knows of a good source of info, or a vendor that specializes in this sort of thing, I would appreciate the info.

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    I've seen a lot of people put a big alum (polished) cell in the bed of the truck. Seems to work ok, and looks good when kept up with.
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    THanks Dave!

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    Here is what I am planning to do to my 67. Its a rear mount tank under the bed thats still 21 gallons and works with the factory gas guage. I was planning to run the filler line up to the top of the bed rail.

    Just a thought....
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    I have an 87 long bed that is backhalfed and 4 linked. I put the fuel cell in the bed of the truck near the tailgate, in the center of the bed.

    Located my mounting holes and drilled them out.

    Cut 4 pieces of 1 inch metal tubing and painted them

    Place the 4 inch metal tubing between the gas tank mounting brackets and the top of the bed floor.

    Installed 4 5 1/2 inch blots through each hole and secures with flat washers top and bottom and, lock nut and nut.

    installed my 90 degree fittings and marked bed floor for installation of fuel line holes. I drilled the holes 1/2 inch bigger than my braided line, installed the fuel line through truck bed floor and installed round rubber graments onto the bed metal to prevent fuel line wear.

    Battery box installed on passenger side of bed next to fuel cell..

    Worked out pretty good for me..

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    Mount it under the truck, make the bed clean .

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwkracing
    Mount it under the truck, make the bed clean .

    I agree keep it clean ,mount it under the bed behind the rear end.

    you could use a flip down lic plate and fill it in the back.
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    3 years ago a friend off mine did a frame off on a 69 c10. Mounted a 20 gal fuel cell right behind the rear axle. has a wood foor in the box and he left a hole right at the cap of the cell. looks really clean. He has been drivin the truck since and it has some hard miles(4 sets of rear tires) never had a problem
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    I say put it under the bed. I got a 55 Chevy that I will be building and thats where I will be mounting the fuel tank on it.
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    High weight is not good for handling, under the bed IMHO
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