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Thread: Drive shaft vs. 4 link addition

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    Drive shaft vs. 4 link addition

    Hey guys,

    I got a question and need your thoughts and input.

    My chassis guy is adding a tube 4 link frame for my rear suspension and mentioned to me that the crossmember under the back window(I have a 72 Elkymino ), and the back half of my trans tunnel from where my shifter is back to the back window lower wall area needs to be cut out to give the drive shaft more cleanance, is this type of modification a normal procedure when jamming the rear suspension up into a chassis???

    I am going to 16 x 33 tall tires and the top of the tubbs will be about 2-4 inches below my top bed line and trim. I had 15 x 30 tall tires before but not a lowered rear suspension.

    What if my driveshaft ends up in a up angle going to the rear axle, is this a good thing or odd????

    I'm going to ask this question on a few forums to get a bunch of replys as there are many chassis guys that are good and do many of these chassis's and I want some multiple feedback reply's. So, thanks for any reply in advance.

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    yup he is right just think about it for a min if you raise the rearend up do to bigger tires and lower the car what do you think is going to happen to the drive shaft its going to be alot higher so he is right,,good luck

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    Yep thats how all the cars i backhalf have ended up... half of a 33 or 34 tire is 16.5 centerline of the rear axle, Most all the time the the crank centerline is lower than the rear axle.
    If you level the motor in the chassis, it helps create more of a straight line to threw the driveshaft, stock the engine is leaning back in the chassis and makes the driveshaft point uphill at the axle

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