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Thread: ventriloquist cowboy

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    ventriloquist cowboy

    A ventriloquist cowboy walks into town and he sees this Indian sitting on the side of the road with his dog, horse, and sheep. The cowboy walks up to the
    Indian and says, "Hey, that's a cool dog. Mind if I speak to him."
    The Indian looks up at the cowboy and says, ""
    But the cowboy turns to the dog anyway and he says, "Hey dog. How's it going?"
    The dog answers (via the cowboys ventriloquism), "Doin' all right.
    Thanks for asking."
    "Is this your owner?", the cowboy asks.
    "Well, how's he treating you?"
    The dog answers, "Real good. He walks me, he feeds me great food, he takes me to the lake to play."
    The Indian is amazed at this point, and then the cowboy asks if he can talk to his horse.
    Again the Indian says, ""
    But the cowboy turns to the horse and says, "Hey horse. How's it going?"
    The horse replies, "I 'm doing good."
    "Is this your owner?", says the cowboy.
    "Sure is," answers the horse.
    "Well how's he treating you?"
    "Pretty good. Thanks for asking. He rides me regularly, he brushes me down, and keeps me in a nice warm barn with all the hay and straw I'd ever want."
    The Indian is totally amazed, so when the cowboy turns to the sheep, the Indian is clearly worried.
    The cowboy asks, "Mind if I talk to your sheep?"
    To which the Indian answers, "SHEEP LIE!"

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    now that is funny!!!!

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    That is totally hilarious. I love it.
    Its all fun and games till someone loses a nut!

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