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Thread: 1994 Ford Headlights need opinions!!!!

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    1994 Ford Headlights need opinions!!!!

    I have a 1994 Ford Lightning, been shopping around for headlights. I like the oem look, but I am afraid over the next few years that the lens will fade and turn yellow like the stock lights that I have now. For about the same price, I can get the new clear lens, crystal/mirror look lights that are on the newer model cars, I can also get the corner lenses in oem or crystal/mirror. The only thing that I want to keep is the orange bumper lights, but they are only available in oem, nobody makes a orange crystal/mirror lens that I am aware of, and I dont want to change to a clear crystal/mirror light for the bumper light, the truck has a lot of black on it and I think the orange lenses break up all the black so its not solid all over. So do I just say hell with it and go all new crystal/mirror lenses, headlights, corner lights, and bumper lights, go with an all oem look, or mix and match the oem orange bumper lights with the newer crystal/mirror head and corner lights? Please help!

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    Me personally I would go with the all crystal look. I am always customizing cars and trucks. Its just when I see someone put the crystal headlights and not the others it just doesn't look right. Now when all of them are done to me it gives it a more aggressive look to it. I have a 2001 Toyota Celica and the driver side headlight is always fading and all i do to remedy that is if it is really bad I will sand it with very fine wet dry sandpaper(with water of course) and then use Mcguires cleaner wax to bring out the clearness of it again. I always hit the headligths with that same cleaner wax when I am polishing the car to help protect it and keep it looking "new". I hope this helps you out.

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    I agree. Go one way or the other, but don't mix them. And there are many different kits to clear up the yellowed lenses. I prefer the 3m kit which comes with several different grit sandpapers and a buffer pad. I've sold a lot of them and always have positive feedback.

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