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Thread: Finally, my first run ever......I could have jogged faster!!

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    Finally, my first run ever......I could have jogged faster!!

    OK, been working on my '68 Nova for over a year now, it won't be ready this season. I decide I am going to take my '69 Camaro to Mooresville and run in the Real Street class. I am excited as a kid at Christmas, you see, I have never, ever been on a sanctioned track as a competitor in my life.

    I have a crate ZZ4, Edelsuck 600, MSD 6ALN, th350, pegleg rear with 3.73. Nothing special, but a nice street car. Thought I would get mid 9's out of it.

    My buddy Bryant coached me about what to do at the track, thanks Bryant!. Also thanks to beetlejuice and beast for the input, you have no idea how much I appreciate ya'lls input.

    I go in around the water box, dry hop it a couple times, pull up to the lights, my gut is FULL of butterflies as I realize all these people were looking at us and waiting to see the pass. Third yellow, I couldn't remember exactly what Bryant said about the tree, so, like a retard, I waited for the green to actually show before I took off. Car started spinning, I let off, started to shift.........This is where it started to suck.

    Nothing, absolutely not a damn thing!!!!! The clip apparently had broken/fell off the linkage at the tranny between the water box and the lights!!!! I thought, piss on it, I stood in it again, smoked up the place with that right rear tire, let off and finished my blazing pass all the while still in low gear!

    Reaction time: .589
    E.T. 11.32
    M.P.H. : 46.99

    ROFL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    But, I will tell you............It was still an absolute blast!!!!!!!
    I am hooked.

    The second practice pass made me happier.
    Terrible reaction time, not NEARLY as easy as I thought it would be! I do understand now to leave on the third light.

    I forgot to tell ya'll, I actually made it to the second round by breakout default. Lost to my buddy Mikey in the second round. I had to let my car shift itself in both rounds.

    10.43(win) 1st round

    11.10 Second round

    Anyway, sorry such a long post. Any advice is appreciated, any "ribbing" is well tolerated!


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    yep that sounds about right. It was still fun though wasn't it? My first time ever in my street car the thing died and had to be pushed from the water box to the pits...then I broke the only key on the planet that fit the ignition off because I used it to pry a fuse I am in the staging lanes and I don't have a key to fit the car...everyone had to drive around my car for 3 hours because the steering was locked...I ended up finding a locksmith that made me a key by hand just from looking at the two broken pcs of I have been there. It will get better, just blame it on someone else that helped you and come back next time.

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    Jeez Tod, I feel really good about my ordeal now!! What do you do? Suck it up like a man! LMAO, I really did have a blast!

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    Rudy, I love it. That is the worst thing you have ever done because it is a sickness that only spending all of your money can, (not cure), but keep at bay. :lol: :lol: :lol: I hope you spend many more days doing what we all love in a race car.

    My first real passes were in a dragster that runs 8.30's. Scared the crap out of me the first time I let go of the tranny brake. On one pass I tried to stage with the back tires. ops: ops: I laughed harder than anyone and wouldn't have traded it for the world.


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    First race EVER in my first ever self built dedicated circle burner, C main, outside front row. Take the green and WHOMP !! Up pops the hood and wraps over the windshield ! :shock: ops: :shock: ops: :shock: ops: :shock:
    Just drove off turn 2 and into the pits to have a buddy INSTALL THE HOOD PINS........ ops: ops: ops: ops: ops: ops: ops: ops:
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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    bad day at the track is better than a good day at work anytime!

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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    Quote Originally Posted by harbone66
    bad day at the track is better than a good day at work anytime!
    You got that right! Cool thing is it didn't bum me out in the slightest. I know the time is coming that it will though.

    My buddy Bryant enjoying himself at my expense.

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    Rudy, glad you enjoyed yourself. Hey if it was easy we would all be running in the 8's in the 1/4. That's what I'm hoping for. Maybe next year. Just found out from the doc today that I'm going to be done for the year at the end of August.

    Only a rich man can afford to use cheap parts.

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    First timer

    Went rounds the first time out. Doesn't get much better than that.

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    that ain't bad for an old,grumpy man :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    only kidding---you gotta have fun at whatever you do-it makes life better :wink: :wink: :wink:


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