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Thread: Late Model?

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    Late Model?

    Do all classes of late models have some type of OEM front clips? Is that what separates late models, from other classes? When someone refers to a limited late model clip, what does that exactly mean?

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    I work about 1/2 mile from Rocket Chassis of Mark Richards Racing. All of their "Late" model cars are full tube chassis. The only cars around here that run an OEM front clip are UMP modifieds.


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    1. OEM stock or fabricated Camaro replacement front-clips only.
    2. Minimum wheelbase of 104 inches.
    3. Minimum 4-inch ground clearance with driver.
    4. Roll cage must be 1-3/4 inches x 0.095 wall minimum steel.
    5. Offset chassis will be allowed with 54 percent maximum left
    side weight.
    6. Frame rails must be 3 inches x 2 inches with 0.095-inch wall
    minimum steel tubing.

    I am new to asphalt racing and I am obviously having a hard time understanding the front clip rule. What kind of chassis does this narrow me down to? Can I run Port City, Lefthander, etc.? I haven't found too many cars that mention Camaro froont clips...

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    Typically the OEM front clip is used on Street Stocks and Super Street Stocks in western ny. What I read into this rule is that you can use a late model style body on the OEM/Camaro front end Chassis. These rules seem to imply that you can build from any OEM front clip that is appropriate to the car or use the Camaro type. This is probably a cost saving measure since the front clip is Original Equipment and someone with limited engineering could produce a competitive car. Free designing a front clip tube chassis or purchasing one can be quite expensive.

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    Around here rules varry track to track. It used to be the late models were the ones that looked like...well, late models and Street stock/hobby stock were stock bodied cars that were modified..then they started looking just like a late model( tube chassis car) only they were technically a camaro or whatever because they had the GM frame clip welded in. Now the LATE MODELS are the tube frame aluminum motor big $$$ cars and the street stocks are the ones that look like a late model,but have a frame clip, and the "bombers" are the stock framed cars with production bodies and claimer rules on the engine etc...

    P.S. The street stocks are still big $$$ and the bombers are far from what the class was intended to be( cheap and affordable)....they use dart heads, direct drive trans etc. Like any class rules are pushed to the limit and beyond.Claim on a motor is 1500 and your motor or you can claim just their heads for 500 and your heads...the guys IKNOW that run this class have almost 2 grand in their heads.( must be cast iron) It's just an unwritten rule nobody claims someone elses motor(usually)

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