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    BEWARE SHANE427 !!!!!!!!!!!

    He sold me a turbo 350 that was listed to have "the good stuff. " He must have brought me the wrong transmission because the one I got was junk. He told me he had seen it go down the track and it was fresh. Guess I should have asked if it was on a tow strap. I installed it and had no 3rd no reverse and no brake. Tore it down to find clutches stacked wrong forward drum busted, 3rd piston cracked, seals where they shouldn't be and not where they should be, bad brake solenoid and cracked stator on the pump. Bottom line is I bought a bell housing and scatter shield that could be used on another trans because this one is ready for the scrap pile. As you could imagine he was " Johnny on the spot " when he was selling this thing, but for some reason now he won't answer his phone or emails. Add #1554299 posted 2009-06-01

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    More info-ad# etc :? :?

    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    X2 Mopar.

    Something tells me that "shane427" could be more than one person w/ multiple items... I could be wrong... more info.
    "I would walk through hell on Sunday before I fear the enemy"

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    I messaged shayne427 yesterday and let him know he had an unhappy customer with a tranny. Lets see if he shows.

    Only a rich man can afford to use cheap parts.

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    Well There You Have It

    I'm thinking he should have shown up by now. Like most thieves and cowards he has chosen to bury his head in the sand and hope I go away. WRONG!!!! I have found his posts on a few other websites I think I'll let those people see his true colors as well.


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    Did you buy this as is? If so i think your SOL!

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    Finally got a response today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was told that what I bought was "used" (no kidding)and that I had no right to ask for a refund. I would understand if I took it to the track and exploded it, but it never made it off the jack stands. He said he took it in on trade, so there should be no expectation of warranty. The problem is he told me over the phone he saw it run and it was fresh. I thought after that statement he would stand behind it. Guess Not !!!!!!!!

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    Just Curious

    How much did you give him for it? If infact he did tell you he seen it go down the track & you never got it off the stands hes a thief & theres noway hes going to stand behind it--One things for sure,He couldnt give me anything,once a thief always a thief!!!He should never be able to hook another victim on here but he will--Some poor guy will come in here AFTER he gets screwed but never before??Strange isnt it?? Just an opinion-I have used a couple of my ad spaces to remind folks to read the scammer section before giving their hard earned money away,Nothing seems to work--Has he been a member since 2003 or so & never made an honer payment??That would trigger my doubts right there--He will not get my money--A little forthought & a small bit of research can save you not only money but that BAD BAD feeling you get after being screwed with no recourse..Fact is very few people ever get their money back& That includes MEEEEEEE!!! Dont believe me? Ask them-Thanx for looking-

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    I know shayne 427 and The trans is question was in a camaro that ran local and shop owner car. Shayne bought the trans (600.00) and removed the trans his self. Put in his car and never got the car together. Removed trans to sell to pay bills. I know that he was told that it had the (good stuff) in the trans. He know nothing about transmission parts. As for as the deal that is between you guys. Just hate to see someone get a bad rap for something he got screw on.(he was going on the word og the owner of the camaro) Since this has happened he has tore down the engine that he bought at the same time and it has none of the parts that it was to have in it.(2500.00) now the guy it bought it from is long gone. It just seem it was a bad deal for everyone. Shayne is a good guy and was telling you everything he know from the guy he bought it from.

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    So it's alright to stick it to someone else if you got stuck first??? if he knew NOTHING about the trans he should have stated that instead of saying he knew how great it was...JMO,
    PS ..welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,Paul

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