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Thread: do not deal with StrokersGraphics aka ace sutton in tennesse

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    do not deal with StrokersGraphics aka ace sutton in tennesse

    this guy asked me to do a carb trade with him which we agreed to i sent him my carb on june 2 fed ex tracking #045766310186041 it was delivered he was to ship me his carb when he got the tracking number which was june 2nd also, HE WILL NOT ANSWER THE PHONE OR MESSAGES i hate doing this but i dont have much choice i have all the messages if anyone is interested to bad everyone cant be honest

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    Post them, its always a good idea to put all the laundry on the table.

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    Yep, I am w/ ashbros on that one too. That is FLAGRANT theft when they simply don't even try to make things right.
    "I would walk through hell on Sunday before I fear the enemy"

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    How much you want to bet the guy gets on here and says the carb he recieved wasn't as promised and or it is junk, therefore he kept his? Not sying that's true, just what I figure he will claim. we have seen it before.

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    first conversation between us

    On [2009-05-31 23:13:52] pintoracer wrote:
    > ok works for me let me know a shipping address so i can get it out to you mine is 3618 zion rd. ill probably send it out on tuesday evening and send you a tracking number and i trust you to do the same thanks darren
    > On [2009-05-31 19:02:43] StrokersGraphics wrote:
    > > here is the part number can be found on jegs
    > >
    > > Barry Grant #132-8838020GC
    > >
    > > On [2009-05-29 15:27:15] pintoracer wrote:
    > > > is it a good working carb also is it the one with interchangable venturies and what is the part number thanks
    > > >
    > > > On [2009-05-29 14:08:54] StrokersGraphics wrote:
    > > > > at the bottom of this page you will see view racespace open it up and you will see the carb, the vent tubes got damaged in shipping when i bought the carb but i have brand new stainless ones for it.
    > > > >
    > > > > On [2009-05-29 14:03:50] pintoracer wrote:
    > > > > >
    > > > > > possible shoot me a pic of it to [email protected] thanks
    > > > > > On [2009-05-29 13:59:36] StrokersGraphics wrote:
    > > > > > > would you be interested in trading for my 1195 cfm King Demon "gas"

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    here is my favorite part

    yes i will ship it the same as you, once i see your tracking number mine will be shipped you have my word on that.
    hmmmm i sent tracking # and he got carb next day it was a hp 1000cfm nice carb i dont deal in junk

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    another favorite of mine

    the carb will be shipped tomorrow i will give you the tracking number

    On [2009-06-05 16:02:35] pintoracer wrote:
    > hey just checking in to see if you got the tracking number i sent and if you have shipped the carb yet thanks darren
    my carb was ad #1559186 i think its still viewable

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    finally got my carb back

    got my carb back today after several attempts to contact mr sutton I STILL WOULD NOT DEAL WITH THIS DISHONEST PIECE OF CRAP

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    to all, i wasn't trying to be dishonest of anything like that. I ended up getting a trade for my complete car, once i made the car trade i sent this member his carb back and apologized for it. I also spent my money and bought him some new (never used) carb fittings for his carb to try and at least give him something he didn't have already. say what you will but i have made several trades on racingjunk this is the first unhappy person. here is what i sent last to him and his reply. this will be my only post on here.

    From: pintoracer To: StrokersGraphics Date: 2009-06-16 16:22:29
    Subject: Re: RJ RaceSpace: carb

    got carb back today thanks for wasting my time we had a deal that you gave your word on this is not it i see now what kind of person i am dealing with a true piece of crap ill put on the scammers forum that i finally got at least something out of you dont bother replying to this as i will be blocking you from contacting me also do other people a favor and dont make any deals on here your not gonna stand behind oh and be sure to give them your word cause it is not worth shit darren
    On [2009-06-15 19:15:05] StrokersGraphics wrote:
    > here is the tracking number, 468645610118969
    > i sent your carb back due to a trade on cars i just did, i am sorry for the long delay. also i bought two fuel fittings for your carb new $26.00 and sent them with your carb. you can have those thats the least i can do.

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    I have to ask, within the 24 hours of him sending you his carb and you stating you would send yours the same time when you got his tracking number. Ummm what happen that you still had the carb. It should have been shipped right. That would mean if you had planned to ship you carb it would have been off the car, boxed and ready to go.

    Then you have time to buy two new fittings all in 24 hours... WOW. how about this, you got his carb and wanted to try it and if it was better then yours it was a deal if not then back it went, well maybe it would go back.

    It appears to me this guy allowed you to borrow his carb and not by his choice.

    Care to share the persons name how bought the car?

    Any proof that trade took place.

    I just don't like people seem to leave parts of the story out

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