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Thread: no start

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    no start


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    Fuel Fire and timing...if it has compression and those 3 things it has to run. You didn't by chance advance the cam with one of those 3 keyway crank sprocket things did you? If so that could be it. I tried that once and it wouldn't fire a lick.

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    Back to basics: does it have spark at the plug while cranking? If not, does it have spark at the coil while cranking? Are you getting fuel to the carb?You said it cranks over fine. Does it crank too easy? Probably should do a compression test if it seems way too easy to turn. Anything over 70psi should start. As Tod said, cam timing could be off or valves adjusted too tight.

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    you got scamed by the dude that put it together.

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    i would lean towards the valves to tight..

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    I am bothered because you say it doesn't even spit or backfire.
    1. You will know if you have fuel or not, easy to view.
    2. You can check compression by compression check or even turning engine over with finger over spark plug hole.
    3. You can check spark by turning engine over with SP wire to ground.
    4. (as johnracer and bigray said) valves may open all the time.

    I vote for #4


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    Im with these guys !! readjust the vavles and make sure you have spark
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    Solid cam, might have tried to adjust it as if a hydralic.

    I would vote for valves to tight or cam timing off. One tooth will do it. If your more than that, you probably bent all the valves.

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    Wont start

    Just wanted to let you know what happened to me,Your probably alot smarter than me but it cant hurt to check-After building my motor & installing it,I also completely wired it with aftermarket wiring harness ect-I also installed a MSD Dist & a 6AL-It would not fire when I was trying to start it but I could take the dist & turn it & It would knock you to your knees!I tryed another MSD Dist & Box but same problem-After scratching sores on my head I called MSD & Fixed the problem in 2 min.I had wired the power wire from the box to a non essential bus-When Icranked the motor it killed the spark-I switched it to another terminal & it cranked so fast I couldnt get off the starter-Just something that sounds like you could also have-

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    I have had one that the valves were just a little to tight and it would not crank for crap. One thing that was not mentioned, if your valves are way to tight then you are not going to get a good reading on compresion until you reset them. I would reset my valves first and then check compresion. Let us know what you find (If your luck is like mine you won't want to tell anyone what you find due to it being something you did) Good luck.
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