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Thread: Starting problem

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    Starting problem

    Car ran fine for a year then once in a while the starter would just click when I pressed the button now it mostly clicks. Replaced battery same thing. Replaced solinoid on firewall same thing. Replaced starter same thing. I replaced the starter button. I have pulled on all the connector ends they seem to be tight. I get 12 volts to the start ingnition wire at the starter. I start out with 12 volts at the battery connection on the starter. When I press the starter buton the volts drop to 10.2 volts. I can strike starter and it will turn over. Although striking the starter gives me some joy I really need to resolve this problem. I put the shims back as they were with the other starter (powermaster 9503). I have used jumper cables from my other car's battery to the battery connection on the starter and put the ground cable to ground of the other car's battery then to the bolt holding the starter in my race car it just clicked. Before this I used the jumper cables to make ground and power jumps on my race car. What can I test now and how do I test it. Sorry this is so long but I really need help with a way to test, locate and fix this problem. Thanks for any testing help.

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    I would replace the ground cables. You be surprised how many problems are a simple ground. A ground to the frame and from frame to engine. I would also ground the body again. Good luck on it.

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    get someone to help you and while they crank it you check voltage
    1. at battery
    2. at the main wire at starter
    3. at the solnoid on the firewall ( assume this is a ford solnoid?)

    also is it just clicking because its hung up on the flexplate ?

    If all the voltages are about 10 at the places above while cranking, its a ground issue. Take a ground from the block to the frame, what size ground on the battery and where does it go to ?
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    Starter motor is bad for sure! Tapping the starter was the dead give away

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    X2, won't be the first time a new starter was bad out of the box.

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    make sure the bolts are tight on the tarter thts one wy it gets its round

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    I'm assuming this is a GM starter ?
    If so, remove and disassemble the solenoid. You'll see a large copper contact bolt that you can take out and clean up the contact points. If it is exsessivley worn you can turn 180 degrees to get some fresh contact surface. Do the same for the other contact point. Reassemble and voila !
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    I hope he fixed this problem since he wrote this in May. :shock: :shock:
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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkaDirka
    I hope he fixed this problem since he wrote this in May. :shock: :shock:
    Bet he's been sitting there twidling his thumbs awhile now..... :shock:
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    Quote Originally Posted by cepx111
    Quote Originally Posted by DirkaDirka
    I hope he fixed this problem since he wrote this in May. :shock: :shock:
    Bet he's been sitting there twidling his thumbs awhile now..... :shock:
    Surely not, even I would have it fixed by now ops:
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