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Thread: Upper Door & Window Latches

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    Upper Door & Window Latches

    Where can I find part like this with reasonable price?

    Does Summit sell them? Couldn't find them on their website.

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    Might try an aircraft salvage yard. They have lots of neat......stuff.

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    Price stuff from Quarter Max and S&W.

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    Ya have to remember "Racin' ain't cheap". LOL!


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    We did them ourshelf. Simple butterfly nut outside and J-shaped bar inside the car. Cost less than 10$ and took about 2 hours. So that's (200-10)/2 = 95$ an hour, not bad.

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    Thats cheap those used to be $250 a set.DR.

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    Doo Dadds and stuff

    I have never used them yet on any of my cars. I don't feel that they are necessary unless you are sideways at speed with one door blown off the car.
    The way I address the issue is I make a gull wing addition at the A pillar that prevents the air from burrowing under the leading edge of the door and keeps it closed with wind pressure blowing over it. The part you are asking about is used on cars that have smooth A pillars that the door closes to without the small spoiler / gull wing that I use and that every one use to use back in the day if you will. My Beretta has this set up with the gull wing and only needs to be about a one inch mini spoiler welded to the a pillar to keep the door safe from air tearing it off at speed.
    Food for thought.

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    hi, i bought my latches from the chassis shop.i can not rember the price but it was cheaper than bickel.hope this helps. garym

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