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Thread: ford 302 mexican block

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    ford 302 mexican block

    ok i have a 1968 302 mexican block..its std bore and in perfect shape..i was gonna use it for my next build but have decided to sell out of everything i have..what is this block worth?

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    dececnt money nothing great its a good base nothing i would dump a ton of money there s nothing like a new boss 302 from ford or dart

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    I bought a mexican replacement block with the screw i freeze plugs 2 yrs ago to go in a 69 Boss, i paid $375.00 for it.


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    well it has the screw in freeze plugs...i do know they will hold more than a regular stock block will

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyleelmore
    well it has the screw in freeze plugs...i do know they will hold more than a regular stock block will
    Only if your block freezes. Usual sell is 300.00 to 500.00. If it will go back std.

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    yes the iron content is a lot hire the a normal 302 block
    that is what makes them more desireable

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    well its up for sale...gettin out of the racing crap and dramam that goes with it in my town

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    Don't stop racing if you like it just because of what you call drama. There is going to be shit talking in all forms of sports. I am from a small town and there is alot of smack talk that goes on but mostly from the WATCHERS, the racers usually have your back and help you out when you are down. I have made alot of friends through racing. We talk crap to each other all the time but it is in fun. Also going by your name (kylee) I assume you are a girl(woman) and I think it is cool when a woman gets into racing. I have a daughter named kylee(13) and she thinks my car is cool and goes to the track with me from time to time.
    Wasn't me.

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    never give up theres always somone faster
    but it doesnt hirt trying to be the big dog
    that means there punk s an there scared if you quit
    your letting them win fuck that an fuck them i come there
    with a smallblock 1 stage on footbrake 10 inch tire an bust that ass

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    well im not a woman is kyle elmore...i was going to build a small block 331 with direct port nos and turbo in a ranger with trans brake and full 4 link rear...just dont think right now is the best point in my life to do this build..plan on doing it later..not giving up by no means

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