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Thread: can it be true?

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    can it be true?

    well guys i have gotten rid of one bike now 2 to go. some may remember my post about honesty i finally got to deal with a honest person last week. i was trading a 75 rigid frame harley chopper we built for daytona bike week a few years ago.this one was my personal ride.after our bad trp to ohio my son got paranoid and called up the guy we were to trade with. told him about our ride to ohio and said just so we dont make another dry run BE HONEST with me and ill be the same with you. no f------ suprizes.i only heard part of the conversation but i didnt really want to trade as i heard my son saying some bad things about something. found out it was my bike he was talking about.DAMN i didnt know she was in that kinda shape. hell i wouldnt trade for that thing and it was mine!!after listening to my son i thought we were trading junk for junk. (i still didnt want to believr my bike was junk.damn it it aint junk). this guy lives in n.c. us in n. al. we meet in alanta. more than fair. only 4 hrs. for us. so off we go.when we get there , there is a beautiful 65 falcon 4 dr. wagon sittin on a trailer. body straigth as a arrow. satin black, marroon inset paint down the side. california rag top. 17 inch wheels. LOOKIN GOOD!black is primer, just like he said. really had to look to tell.popped the hood there sits a good lokin engine he didnt say that.done right.(302, oh well, i got a sbc that will fitin there lol)look in side no interior just 2 old mustang seats, with ign. switch hangin down, headligth switch doin the same (no bezels). in the back sits the 2 tanks, compressors and all the goodies monted on a board that operates the bags thats fitted on all 4 corners.(good job.he didnt say that either)underneath this little car was also done right. welding is lookin like done by us(professonial lol) the bag set up on her is done right and loks almost like it belongs there.this is not the car i was expecting!!!this is a unfinished pro built project car!!!atleast in my eyes. he was MORE THAN HONEST!!!now my bike is real perty.dont ride bad for a chopper. and rattles and bangs and shakes. its a old ironhead and they dont hold good oil pressure (they never have) and sounds like its fallin apart(they always have)but she starts, i ride her one last time and we load her up on his trailer, load his car on my trailer and alabama bound we are.could have sold this car twice before we get out of alanta!!now on the ride home im really wanting to ride my bike i miss her already really a biker what can i say! get the car home and it draws as much attention as my bike did. no, more attention!! then i get to ride in it. (my son drivin, its a 5 speed and im crippled up). then i realize something. i still have my rigid bike. this damn car rides like a logwagon!! just like my bike!!lol. i let my son handle the trade because i was sick i was gettin rid of my bike and the ride to alanta had mr in pain so i didnt ride in the car when we were there.this guy was honst beyond expectations.and for that i appreciate our dealing with him. i just hope hes as happyas we are.well my son anyway. seems i not only lost my bike but i lost a car. my son loves those damn bags. and the 5 speed.oh well its worth seeing my boy happy. im so sorry this is so long but it feels so good to have my faith in people being restored i had to tell this long tale. thanks ken p.s. i dont remember if this guy is from rj or hamb. man, i dont even remember his name. son does, so when he gets up i will find out and if hes from rj i will post his name.

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    thats great!!!! good to hear things went well after your last adventure and you didnt have to break out that cane! :twisted:
    post some pics of the new ride when u get a chance, would love to see it!
    do you ever sleep? I notice your posts are always in the wee hours of the morning...
    take care outlaw

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    Good, glad it worked out for ya Ken. After your last ordeal, you deserve to have one go right. Sorry you had to give up your baby tho, hope it's for the best. I'm sure that was hard on you.
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    Good deal Ken. Sounds like a higher power hooked you guys up... my dad always has told this: "The best deal is when the buyer & seller both walk away feeling they won". Anyways, glad you like the ride... sounds interesting too. Bags & a 5 speed... I assume she is just slammed down too... I would like to see it. God Bless ya, Scooter
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    Watch now....Since you bragged on the guy, If your luck is anything like mine,you will take the car out...get pulled over and find out it's stolen with false VIN and there is a bunch of dope hidden in it....LOL :P

    JUST Kidding. Good to hear there are still some good dudes around.

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    Glad it went better this time. Could you post a couple pics so we can see your latest treasure? As Scooter said, if you're both happy it was a great trade.

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