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Thread: No really,, this could only happen to me.........

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    No really,, this could only happen to me.........

    Beautiful weather (Sat), radio playing, entire family out running around town (not me).....Where am I? In the garage massaging my '68 Nova, car is stripped to the metal, no door handles, chrome etc. Read carefully now men, you may be the next victim of the terrible event.

    I wanted to get in the car to lay out a drop cloth on the carpet and back seat, I stuck my finger into the hole where the exterior door handle mounts to push the latch in to open the door..........MY DAMN FINGER, slipped off of the latch and got trapped INSIDE the mechanism. This latch tightens as you pull your finger back, the ONLY way to get it out is to slide a slender flathead along your finger and hold the latch open!! What really sucked is, I have a habit of COMPLETELY emptying my pockets, inc. my phone when I work in my shop. There was not one damn thing within my reach to help myself out, I stood there for almost two hours waiting for someone to help my big, stupid self out, while my family was having a great time less than two miles away. It is very, very funny now, but that was a LONG two hours!
    Anyway sorry such a long story.

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    Finger stuck

    Felt kind of like the little Dutch boy with his finger in a dike huh? Maybe you could sue GM for making an obviously dangerous man trap. Just kidding with you Rudy!! At least it wasn't freezing out, that would have been a lot worse. Glad you finally got freed. Guess you will have to start keeping the phone handy. Post some pics of the car as it progresses. Have a better day today.

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    Thats why they say men should not be allowed to work on cars by themselves. Good thing God made blondes, so that men wouldn't be on the bottom of the totem pole. lol.

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    thats funny..i was out in the garage late,late,one night,and fell a sleep under the car.with the garage door up,cool night,nice warm cement floor.snoozing away.and felt someone tapping my foot,it was the police stopping buy to check on me..he said he had drove by a couple hours before and noticed that i hadnt moved,,and was just checking on me.. ops: ops:

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    I used to work for a company that installed equipment in police cars. I was working with another guy putting the cage in behind the driver's seat. We were both sitting in the back seat adjusting bracket on each side. I closed my door to check the fit and I heard him close his. I looked at him and asked, "How are we going to get out?". Rear cop car doors don't open from the inside.

    Luckily he was a little skinny guy and could fit (barely) through the little sliding window. We would've been there a couple of hours if he didn't fit.

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    Now i understand why my wife say's i can't work on car's in the garage, or race unless someone is with me, and i thought it was health related :?: :?: :lol: :lol:

    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    I once was laying all twisted up under the dash and kicked an air grider over onto it's trigger and ground a big hole in the side of my tennis shoe and foot. I was in such an awkward position I couldn't move and had to endure the grinding for what seemed like a

    So your luck sounds as good as mine

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    So Rudy who freed you, the fam? :shock:

    Only a rich man can afford to use cheap parts.

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    That was terrible. Glad your OK. Looks like you're not alone. Great posts! I had an employee that was adjusting the hood gap on a early 70;s Grand Prix with one of those giant hoods and his cousin slammed the hood and it latched. It pinched his forearm to about 1/4" but never broke anything. He did kick the side of the car while waiting for him to let him go, and of course the hood wasn't easy to open because it was shoved over from his arm.

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    hey rudy i got alot of stories like that that happened to me but i cant tell them to you right now, laughing to hard!!!!!!ken

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