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Thread: 1/4 et's vs 1/8 et's and mph (moved this from Gen. Disc.)

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    1/4 et's vs 1/8 et's and mph (moved this from Gen. Disc.)

    I'm looking at a ealry 70's Nova roller to build up for my son's first drag car. It's a really basic ride which makes it perfect for some one just starting out. I grew up running quarter mile tracks and we have been hitting some of the 1/8 mile tracks in our area just to keep the excitement level at a fever pitch. The closest quarter mile track is a bout 75 miles away and I have two 1/8 mile tracks about 30 to 35 miles away so we will be running 1/8 mile. I'm just not all that familure with what horsepower numbers translate into on the 1/8 mile, but if you take me to a 1/4 mile track I can usually come pretty close to guessing the time if I know what the HP numbers are, car, trans, the usual stuff. The car we are looking at has the interior removed, a 10 point cage, a 9 inch ford rear with leafs and slapper bars and probably guessing, 10.5 slicks around 28 to 29 inches in height. I think it's all steel except the hood. I am looking at a Scott Schaferoff 402 in/ 465hp SB engine for this car and a glide combo with the optium torque converter and rear gears for this set up. What kind of numbers (time and speed) should she put out on the 1/8? We are about 450 to 550 above seal level.

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    FYI. Typically most drag cars make 64% of your 1/4 mile ET in the first 1/8 mile (660 ft).

    Therefore, you just multiply your 1/4 mile ET by .64 and that will give you the approximate 1/8 mile ET.

    For example; 10.00 1/4 mile car (10.00 x .64) would be around 6.4 in the 1/8 mile.


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    Here's a conversion caculators site that you can convert from 1/4 to 1/8 plus many other formula's.


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