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Thread: it came back dang it

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    it came back dang it

    that noise in the tranny came back
    but its not as bad this time, its not a knock
    its almost a scraping noise now
    im pretty sure its the front pump but i dont know if itl last for now
    and if it wont how do u go about fixin that
    any suggestions?

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    if its the front pump normally you'll be buying a new one, pretty easy to find out though. take the front pump off and then take it apart and see if either of the gears inside it our wore into the pump casting or broke.
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    Does it only make the noise when in gear??
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    just when its in gear and when im slowing down, and sometimes when accellerating but only until about 15 mph

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    guys i tell u, im absolutly tickeld pink
    all this time i thought it was somthin really bad
    but guess what....
    the speedometer cable came out of the trans while i was drivin today
    and the noise stopped suddenly
    i hooked the cable back up and the noise came back
    then i listened really close to the speedometer while the noise what goin and i could hear it clear as day
    needless to say i was very happy with this discovery
    thanx to everyone who helped with my problem i really appreciate it

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    Speedo cable huh, take that baby out and grease it.
    You have to take it loose from the speedometer itself then you can pull the cable all the way out, smear some disc brake grease on it and slide it back in the housing and that should take care of your noise.

    Goodluck, Cp
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    speedo whats a speedo?Isn't that a high class swimsuit? LOL :lol:

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