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Thread: torque converter question

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    torque converter question

    ok my question is i install my converter today and you know how you turn it untill it is fully inguaged, after i install it i notice i had a large gap between the flywheel and converter is this normal, oh i forgot to say i do have a thin mid plate, should i be worry about pull the converter back out of the trans when i bolt it up to the flywheel. thanks in advance for your help.

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    It depends on how large your large gap is. You want to be able to pull it out of the converter about 1/8 of an inch no more because you need to keep the converter engaged in the pump but not to far from your flex plate to keep the hub engaged in the crank. you might need one built to your midplate thickness. JMO

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    Most engine midplate applications will require the installation of spacer washers inbetween the converter and the flexplate to retain proper pump ingagement. Pulling the converter back to the flexplate should be kept at a minimum, at most it can be pulled back .030"-.050" from fully engaged. Install a midplate shim kit or proper thickness washers to compensate for the thickness of your midplate. Jegs, Summit, Hughes, ATI, BTE, TCI - all sell midplate shim kits with various thickness washers that usually cover all applications but nice hardened washers work just as well if you can find them in the right thickness.

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    1/8 inch is needed for clearance - get as close as you can to that 1/8 inch - flexplates FLEX in and out :lol: = VIC

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    be sure to watch the engagement of the converter snout in the crankshaft. If the converter was spec'd out for 1/8th inch plate, the snout would be extended for proper engagement. If it doesn't seem to go in very far, your going to run into pump problems because the bolts wont hold converter centered enough.

    this is a reason i like transmission specialties converters, they make the snout screw on/off so you can use the same converter for different mid plate thickness.

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    Could be that the shaft wasn't engaged properly. Turn the convertor a little and push it back against the flexplate. If you spin it you should here it clicking which means the pumps engaged. If you bolt it up without properly engaging it, there will be damage to the seals and pump. Like they say, there should only be 1/8 inch gap between flexplate and convertor face.
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