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    Posting this for a fellow Top alky drag racer,..
    They had their trailer broken into and all this stuff was stolen..
    discriptions and contact info posted below..

    thank you,..

    This stuff will surface,....MAKE THE PHONE CALL

    Stolen parts list from Kenny Gilmour Motorsports Top Alcohol Team


    Stolen Parts
    Kenny Gilmour Motorsports Top Alcohol Team and it’s driver Ashley Bart has had their race trailer broken into on the evening of Saturday February 28, 2009 in Ontario, California.
    The team lost pretty much everything with the exception of the Race Car, Golf Cart and the Generator. The team lost all of the Ashley’s racing gear, all of their tools, and all of their spare parts.
    We have compiled a list of items and if you come across these items, or know the where abouts of these items we would ask that you call the Ontario California Police department at 909-986-6711. Police Case Number: OP090300171 If you are not comfortable speaking with the Police department, you can contact Kenny Gilmour at 403-275-5471, Rick Bart at 403-601-3528,Cal Bellamy 403-650-7801, or Jeff Lirones at 818-400-6079.

    Reward of $1,000.00 for Information on the return of the following:

    • 2 RCD Style Race Starters (one new/one used)
    • 12-24 volt Battery charger
    • Quality Craft Stainless Tool chest full of tools
    • 1 MSD Ignition 8141
    • 1 MSD Points Box
    • 1 Set of Manley Titanium valves
    • 2 Set of JE Pistons (one new/one used)
    • 21" Viewsonic computer monitor
    • generic computer with racepak software loaded
    • Sharp 19” LCD TV
    • 2 Logitech wireless keyboard assemblies
    • 1 Logitech web camera
    • 1 Acer lap top computer
    • Auto meter tachometer
    • 1 – 110 volt Impact
    • 2 Flaming River timing lights
    • 10 sets of NGK 6061 spark plugs
    • Plueger dry sump oil pump
    • 1 set of MSD Plug Wires
    • 2 – 5” distributors caps
    • 8 Stage 5 Rocker arms
    • 8 Used Cylinder liners
    • 2 new Cylinder liners
    • 2 Used Drag Parachutes
    • 1 and a ½ sets of used GRP Connecting Rods 6.82 long
    • 8 used JE 4.375 bore pistons mounted with rings
    • 2 spare weld wheels Serial #SFI A041768 and A041771
    • 2 Good Year Eagle slicks 34.5 x 17x 16 (Never Used)
    • Nextech temp gauge
    • 1 Brunton air absolute Barometer
    • 1 Air Jack absolute barometer
    • 2 Tool carts
    • Pac Springs and Retainer/Loks
    • 8 Manton Exhaust rockers
    • Leak Down Tester
    • Comp Cam-60MM Cam Bore-BAE 6 (Has Mopac Marking)
    • Snap On Torque wrench – 300lbs
    • Snap On Cordless impact
    • Master Craft Cordless impact
    • Racepak downloader module with downloader cartridge
    • RJS Dash 20 Fire Suite ( Fits 4’-11” driver)
    • Yellow Simpson Drag Bandit Helmet with built in Fire sock (Ashley painted on the front)
    • 2 Dash 20 Fire Gloves (1 Pair Simpson – 1 Pair Ringer)
    • 2 Dash 5 Fire Gloves – both Simpson
    • 1 Pair of Simpson pit shoes
    • 1 Pair of Simpson dash 5 Drag Boots
    • R3 Head and Neck Devise
    • 3 Simpson visors in Simpson gear bag
    • Simpson Helmet bag and race gear bag
    • Simpson neck collar and chin strap
    • 2 Bart Family Racing Jackets
    • Numerous small hand tools (wrenches, side cutters pliers etc)
    Smoldery Smokey Burnouts To You All

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    Man, that is a ton of stuff!! Alot of money... all those things add up. I am sorry this happend to your friends. Scooter
    "I would walk through hell on Sunday before I fear the enemy"

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    that had to take awile
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    We had a guy up here have his trailer and stock car stolen. Long story short, they found the trailer after they got stuck on a dirt road. They found one guy with some stuff in his garage. D*** meth heads. Hope you find the stuff.

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    I'll bet they know at least one of the people envolved. Somebody knew when they would be gone and for how long to load that much stuff.

    Only a rich man can afford to use cheap parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BEAST477
    I'll bet they know at least one of the people envolved. Somebody knew when they would be gone and for how long to load that much stuff.

    X2 Or was VERY familiar with the operation. Had to have had a BIG van or truck to pack that much stuff. Multiple purps involved as well. BASTIDS !! :evil: :evil: :evil:
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
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