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Thread: Can one fuel pump supply carbs & NOS??

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    Can one fuel pump supply carbs & NOS??

    I am eliminating two holley blue pumps on my car and want to go with a Magnafuel 500 or BG400 to supply two holley 850's and a dual plate cheater nos system. I have seen fuel logs where I can mount two regulators which will eliminate alot of tubing.

    Can one of these high power fuel pumps supply enough for both??

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    YES...(as long as it has the volume)

    most like this route better then two pumps..

    just be sure to use a seperate regulator on the nitrous side

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    Thanks Stealth20. I figured so by the sheer flowing numbers but I just wanted to make sure before I start ripping fuel lines out. Back when my car was built two holley pumps was "the" set up.

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    I'm running a 632ci with two 1050 dominators that flow 1220cfm each. Two stage speedtech nitrous system totaling 650hp - all off one Magna 500. No sweat.
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    agree with everyone that says you should have no problem, I can think of a couple of limitations of a one pump system, if you want to run a nitrous system fuel pressure above what your carb fuel pump can deliver. In theory a higher fuel pressure (60 psi) is more forgiving relative to pressure changes, but in my experience with good regulators and enough fuel flow capacity the extra plumbing and expense is not worth it until you start to run three or more systems. Second, you will have to spray the same fuel with you nitrous that you run thru your carbs.

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    I ended up picking a solid BG400-2. Thanks guys.

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