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Thread: 11.1 too much for 93 pump gas? (marine build)

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    11.1 too much for 93 pump gas? (marine build)

    Note...depending how my current holes measure I may have to go .070 over on this stroker kit
    In my attempts to acquire as close to 700 HP on a single carb 93-pump gas 496 some have suggested to go 11:1 compression with a aluminum heads. I feel that much compression could make for a narrow tuning range and have detonation concerns however, the engine will be on a dyno for proper tuning ie cruse and wot.
    Heads...AFR 325 or Profiler 320 either to be CNC ported. The reason I'm going with a slightly larger runner is, if I later decide to move these heads over to a larger ci mill >I don't want to spend the $$$ twice on heads. I'm aware I'll have to twist my 496 a little more to make the power but I'm willing to do so.
    Pistons...coated Mahle
    Cam (roller)...I know it's all about the cam!!! HYD or SOLID I'm looking for suggestions or who to speak with to get the 'right' cam the first time! Hopefully there's a HP/torque making grind out there that is perfect for my above head/compression considerations yet, won't kill the valve train in short time.
    I would prefer... a hyd roller but need to be sure it will be happy visiting 6500 if not, I'll go solid roller. Either way Morel is my choice for roller units.
    Intake...Edelbrock 2907 Victor 454-R intake manifold
    Talk to me about...clearances >I always thought 0025 rods, 003 mains was the norm but now I'm reading 0025 for
    Piston/cylinder fit...cold block hot piston what's the number?
    Valve/guide clearance... int-exh?
    My Mark 4 block...all 5 existing 2-bolt caps will be reconfigured to accept a second outter row of 7/16" outboard fasteners. Research tells me this process is good to 850 HP.
    Time is running's time to start building!
    Thanks for any feedback.

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    I recommend using one of these lunati solid roller cams - with the high flow heads you have a hydralic roller just wouldnt serve your purpose.


    They both have torque curves like a friggin rainbow, originally devolped as a jet boat cams but since have become real popular grinds for bracket cars because of the huge turque curves also they are real easy on valve train parts.
    Goodluck > Cp
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    What altitude are the waterways you'll be playing on ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrivingMissDD
    What altitude are the waterways you'll be playing on ?
    SE Pa so I'm at sea level...but looks like I'll cut compression to 10.25:1 max

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