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Thread: Watch who you sell to!

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    Watch who you sell to!

    I sold two BG carbs to eds66nova and a painless switch panel and knocke off $200 from my asking price because he bought it all.He called me and asked about the carbs and I told him they were both used and I had not run them I did'nt know what jets were in them or anything like that!These was nice used carbs in perfect condition.When he received the parts he did'nt bother to call me to talk about what his problem was with the parts .He just starts sending obsene messages saying that it was junk and this and that bs and wanting part of his money back!He could've called and told me he did'nt want the stuff and sent it back to me for a full refund.No he wants to go file a dispute with paypal asking for a refund of $300 and keep the parts!Please look at the add #1465633 and decide who wants to rip who off.If anyone buys from me and is not happy with the parts I'll gladly give your money back for the parts not a third of it and you keep the part!This is a used parts sale not a gimme your parts !Thanks Homegrown440

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    OH YES !...EDS66NOVA is known on this forum.

    To make a long story short he had a blower for sale on the classifieds for 1600 and i just made an offer $900 plus shipping ( cash) IT WAS A STARTING POINT THATS ALL..instead of countering the offer etc or kindly declining...he just blocks me from from sending a message.

    He would not come on here (forum) to even give his side but we all seen him logging on the forum and reading the post i made on him..

    Homegrown I saw your post and went to his old ad ( i had forgot about him) and saw where he said he sold the blower and threw some really cheap shots at me and my friends on the forum that just gave an honest opinion after hearing the me My friends on this forum have no issues telling me if i am in the wrong ! and i am man enough to accept the advise when i get it..good or bad.

    You can forget this man calling you and being a man about things..but rest assure he will talk all kinds of smack elsewhere..

    By the way eds66nova i am 43 yrs old and well aware of this Hot rod Game...and you Sir are a A-1 Prick.....and sir if you don't think i am a real racer..i will run anything you have sir...and i will guarantee i have owned stuff faster than you have ever dreamed of owning much less driving (prove me wrong cause i think i can prove otherwise)...So you need to know a little about the person you talk smack about...cause i am your REALDADDY with this race thingy..i assure you !

    for the record i just purchased a complete B&M 144 Polished Blower for $ stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

    Homegrown i posted a link on the thread i started where you can read what happened orginally with this guy......i will also copy and paste for all to see the cheap shots he threw at me on his sold blower ad..i JUST SAW TODAY.
    Now who is acting like a 6 yr old eds66nova.......Take your meds :shock:

    Also when you read his latest commenrts he made on his sold AD he mentioned lies or No a joke...i posted all corresspondance between him and me on the forum..i let the people decide and they Did.

    Di you do something Wrong?..Criminally ..NO.....bad business and being a whimp?...YES...No question

    SOLD to a real "honest" buyer. Glad I didn't consider the "can I steal your stuff" offers. Yes, you know who you are. I want to thank all the "real" Racingjunk racers for all your past deals both bought and sold. I don't know the age of bju... if it's 10 or 60, but acts like a 6 year old. Gets off on ripping people on the (forum thingy) and wants his friends support no matter what lie or no lie. I take care of my family first and am sorry if I hurt his "sensitive" side. I did NOTHING wrong. The truth may hurt but get over it. Move on to someone who cares. (I can see you ya know.....)(as I was threatened with) is childish at best. You surely need help. God bless all the real racers and thanks for your support.

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    bjuice, you did nothing wrong. I have a local guy here who has a full round tube chassis car that is complete less motor and trans who wants $9500. The car has never made a pass and I offered him $4000 for a starting point, well he said when could I get him the money because he is going through a divorse and he don't want her to get it. Sometimes you just get lucky. Like you said, you have to start somewhere. By the way bjuice, give me a call when you get a chance. I tried to call you the other day I have a couple of things to ask you. Thanks

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