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Thread: Gaylord Old Thief New Scam

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    Gaylord Old Thief New Scam

    By the way Vinney of York PA holds a Judgement against Gaylord
    Gaylord failed to show for court in PA after stealing the parts sold him. He scammed the UPS Company when they delivered the parts.
    Parts were shipped COD Cash Not bad check

    Gaylord purchased a dragster in NJ and told the guy he would pay him
    the rest of the amount when he got home by check. But you guessed it he did not. The guy who owned the car found Gaylord at a nost meet and attacked him.
    COPS made the guy leave. It is only time.
    Ask Don Garlits what he thinks Gaylord has a story about his Fuel days
    I have never been able to find his name in the old days
    45 years of Drag Racing and Gaylord only pops up when you talk about stoling parts or failed to ship what you order from him. By the way his stick story is so old you would think he died and was reancarnated. :twisted: :evil: :?:

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    Not Gaylord again,,,if he is such a crook why do people keep dealing with him,,as many complaints that have been posted about him in the last year if any body deals with him they are asking for trouble..mayby everybody should just stay away from least that is what I think :roll:

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    Hey NITRO, E the BLEEP NUFF already !!! We've HEARD YOU !! You're NOT making yourself very popular here by reposting the same issue on new threads.
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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    where does this Gaylord person live?? address??..I might go find him and deliver your stuff to you...I hate it when hard working folks get ripped off...that happened to me on ebay, I payed for an item and I never recieved it. of course I told ebay and could never get an answer from you guessed it...I drove to the mans house and knocked on his door and got my parts...see how easy that was??

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    NITRO is this deal 10 years old or older ? UPS doesn't have a cash COD. checks only. Plus if UPS give up the package without payment-- they have to pay. so explain how all this came about/happen . no way i'm defending him, hes been rhat way from day one. where he lives-- in the Syracuse NY area.

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    We need more threads about Gaylord....

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