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    I didn't realize this forum was for the use of terroristict threats!!!!
    Safety is only what one makes of it!!!!!

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    If you read some of the previous posts, it sounds like DICK gaylord might just have this coming to him...

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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    Stay away

    Yes stay away from this {DICK} Gaylord. You well end up losing your money. Hes a good talker. BEWARE

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    Re: Stay away

    Quote Originally Posted by oldsrailbuggy
    Yes stay away from this {DICK} Gaylord. You well end up losing your money. Hes a good talker. BEWARE
    From what I here is that one needs to Dick him before he Dicks you!

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    Hey Scorp,
    Can we just get a license to kill all these POS scammers? I get sick (not at you guys for posting, but at how often this happens) of reading about so many low lifes that get away with this crap. Before I got on the RJ forum I honestly had no idea it was so bad.

    Doc Holiday (from Ga. BTW) said "kill 'em all". Even he knew back in the 1870's how to take care of crooks and thieves!!

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    Me or us

    HI, Dick. You think you or I will die before I get those few little things. Jeff

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    With a name like "DICK Gaylord", you tend to remember past problems this dude has caused. This guy is one of the top 10 here maybe...

    Wabbit: I liked Doc Holiday, Billy the kid, Wyatt Earp, etc... if you were an outlaw or famous, would you go by the name of DICK GAY lord??? Sounds like a 70's gay porn star for crying out loud.

    What was he thinking.... he will never be forgotten w/ that name...

    Especially at the track.... or when one of these guys shows up on his door.
    "I would walk through hell on Sunday before I fear the enemy"

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    bought and sold lots of pats from dick for a long time with no issues most of these other complaints have alot of drama and not alot of facts and most of these guys you dont see at the track or racing at all . i have bought alot of the bigger items but if your buying parts that are pron to be wear items beware before you make the call . as thats why most of us racers are selling them is to keep are parts inbventory current . but this is just my two cents no issues with dick in over 10 years . and if i did i would call him or pay him a visit . But thats not how alot of people do things anymore they feel like superman behind the keyboard

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