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Thread: Whats the difference ?

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    Whats the difference ?

    What makes a Top Sportsman car different from a Pro Stock different from a 7.50 cert 2x3 chassied car ?... Besides weight and price.
    What would make the best low 8 bracket car ?

    Im guessing the T/S car with dbl frame rails to withstand the rigors of bracket racing.


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    A T/S and P/S chassis is a close comparison. The 2x3 7.50 cert car is not. There is more requirements for bars and frame rails in the T/S and P/S cas versus a 7.50 cert car. If money was not an object, I certainly would look at a P/S car. You can make the necessary adjustments to make it a low 8 second bracket car. Probably a little over kill with some of the equipment but it leaves you room to move on. You will find a quality T/S car for less money and it will work just as well.

    Overall, if you want to go fast for cheap, buy a dragster. :lol:

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    P/S cars are chromoly and now T/S cars are also and they will Cert. to 6.0
    A 2X3 car hasn't ran in pro stock or top sportsman for years and a lot of those cars want cert. to 7.50 there are a lot more bars in critical ares that wasn't necessary when they were built .
    The chassis rules have been updated a lot in the last few years if you need a car that will cert to 7.50 it would be a good ideal to take a chassis guy with you if it isn't already got a 7.50 cert. on it .

    My nova was a 7.50 cert. car until this year and now it will only cert.8.50 unless i ad a funny car cage and a couple of other bars to it . but it will never see a 7.50 pass anyway it runs 8.70"s so the 8.50 cert. will be fine.

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    i agree Ron..most the Guys that casually say awwwww it will only tag to 8.50....the guys that shrug this off hasn't been that fast at all..cause 8.50's is getting it Done...and 7.50's is only in their dreams


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    :lol: go jump into the ss/ah class 3000lbs hemi cars 8.39 159.

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