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Thread: Nitrous refill stations

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    Nitrous refill stations

    I'm tired of paying $85+ to have my nitrous bottles filled. Unfortunately due to the US to Canadian exchange a new refill station by NOS, Cold Fusion, Zex or another manufature is expensive (easily $1000+ by the time I add in freight, duty, and taxes).

    I've decided that I want to build my own. I've got lots of hose, so that's not a problem. A scale is easy to get, as is the air/water filter and the valves. The question I have is about the pump. Has anyone built their own and how has it turned out? Do you have pump specs or a part number I can use?

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    Somone put a used one up on this site that needed to be rebuilt. Type in nitrous pump and I think it will pop up. Guy only wanted 150 and I think they are about 100 to get rebuilt.

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    i'm very new to nos been looking into a filling station also i can get the nos for $90 and you can fill 5 10 lb bottles with the one cylinder.i see pumps on here for rebuilding i wounder if nos sells parts?also heard that partial filling bottles that are a few pounds down is really hard on the pump and thats why you see so many for rebuilding.

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    Check with Granger,theres another one but Im having a brain fart,so i dont remember,But its like that type co. Ive seen the pump,and a simple scale, etc THIS CAN be done.DR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldenj
    i'm very new to nos been looking into a filling station also i can get the nos for $90 .

    Are you sure, that sounds like medical n2o which is better in my opinion since it doesn't have the sulfur additive, and you can't get without a medical cert.
    But $90 sounds way off what a k size n2o bottle runs.... the automotive n2o anyway just recently went up, if i remember it's 210/220 for a k size bottle
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    Dont bother with the pump.. trust me..

    Freeze the bottle overnight then fill from mother bottle...(i've seen guys use a cooler filled with Ice and watter for a quicker turn arround...just dunk bottle for 1/2 hr or so..(not quite as good as freezer but works well too)

    Get mother bottle withOUT tube, invert entire bottle..(you'll get more liquid nitrous out this way..(be sure to use filter)

    You should be able to easily fill to the max amount called for on the tank..(don't overfill)

    Works great.

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    Medical no2 is what is used for all nitrous fill stations. there are 2 grades 67 percent no2 and 98 percent no2.

    The 98 percent is just a little more but look what you are getting. You are paying enought to buy for 98 percent no2 every time you fill up, but you are only getting 67 percent no2.

    Look at it this way when you fill up at your neighbor hood fill station your getting a bottle filled with 67 percent no2 and 33 percent air.

    You ever wonder why your bottle empties so fast.

    Plus 98 percent no2 hits hard as heck and is easier to tune.

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