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Thread: stiff or soft sidewalls

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    stiff or soft sidewalls

    im looking for experiences with either stiff or soft sidewall slicks. i have a 2700 lbs, m/s 4 link 67 camaro, last year i ran 15x33 hoosier softwall slicks. i ran a 555, toilet on alky, and a glide w/1.80 1st gear. since i run only 1/8th mile i have had 4.86 in the rear. my best 60 ft was 1.15. this year i am building a 632, same car setup,probably 200more hp. was wondering if stiff sidewall M/T slicks would be a good thing to try. sometimes i get some shake and seems to roll the tires up.i also think i may have to back off the gear ratio a bit even though i still intend to shift at 7000. ran 14x32 stiff M/T back when the car was ladder bar and liked them then. thanks for your input

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    You should be running a stiff sidewall already. With the added power you will really need a stiff sidewall. The soft side wall tires are light construction and have more growth with speed than a stiff side wall. The sidewall wears out before the treed does. The sidewall will develop a memory and wrinkle in the same spot every time, lined up with each rim screw. this is why you should rotate your slicks every weekend once they are broke in. This practice literally doubles the tire life in high powered cars which I know is a relative term. Rotate and you will get the longest possible tire performance.
    I think Hoosiers suck. They do not make a tire with 100" roll that is 16" wide without having a section width 4" wider than the tread. This is why you see them mostly on dragsters. Cars can not get enough tread due to the larger section width in there wheel well. This is where mickey thompson and Good year have a lot of tire choices. The good year tires can have the all out best traction but short life D1 compound that is killer on light cars and dragsters and a D6 which is probably what your hot rod may like. I have used Harlow Racing tires in Detroit Michigan to get perfect matched roll out tires. Brian is the owner and is whom you would talk to about what tire is the best for your set up.

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    I agree with topspeed. Anything over 2100 lb needs stiff sidewalls. Soft sidewalls work as suspension on a hardtail or slipjoint car. If your rim is on the pavement theres no way your tread is tracking like it should. I like Goodyears on our doorcars and Hoosiers on our dragster. One thing though Goodyear has alot of different application tires its easy to get the wrong one. Do your research it will payoff for you in the long run.

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    I use goodyear 32x14 stiff sidewalls. D5 Compound 3200 lb car

    The part number ends in 1984 I think.

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    I use M/T superstiff 14x32`s on my low 9 second camaro and love them over the Goodyear stiffs. The 60` better and last longer. Thats my 2 cents!

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    I agree with DParker I run Hoosiers on my dragster and Goodyears on my backhalf truck. But on my skinny tire car I like Mickeys.
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    thanks for your input guys, the only reason i ran hoosiers was that the guy that 4 linked my backhalf used his tires and rims off his roadster to fit everything and he recommended them. i will look into a stiff tire , i know mickey thompson makes a super stiff 15x33 with a 105 rollout

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    I actually had the exact opposite experience with mickeys than goodys. Both with Stiff/ss sidewall for stick car. the goodys give me .02 better 60 ft. and actually lasted a touch longer 100 runs vs. 82

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