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    Hello, I may have screwed up. I had member timberlake38866 contact me and ask to send price and methode of payment to email address([email protected]) . Which I did without thinking.I also called the phone number he provided (601-667-4639) and spoke with him but could not understand his english (.Then I get a email from racing junk saying he may be scammer.

    I did reverse lookup on the phone # and this is the results
    Jenevieve Napier
    1998 Ferguson Mill
    Silver Creek MS 39663

    The 38866 in email address is Zip Code for Eggsville MS.

    There was a second result in the reverse look up
    Brent Napier
    302 Grove
    Sidney Oh 45365

    Does anybody know what this guy is up to?
    Now he has my phone # and email address. What should I do.

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    I just tried the phone number, it says its been disconnected... :cry:

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    If you start getting spammed, just change to a new email addy.

    If you start getting your cell phone spammed, take it up with your cell provider as a start.

    I did this very thing waaaaay back when I first entered the online world. I was a VERY ignorant computer guy and put too much trust into my fellow man. Ya learn real quick what precautions to take for decisions you make !
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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    Wrong Number

    My Bad The number is 601-667-4639 NOT 677. Sorry

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    Educate us about this thread...

    Why is it a problem for someone to have your email and telephone number? Is it spam or something more serious?

    My email and phone are posted real issues to speak of


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    What he'll probably do now is send you a counterfeit check by Federal Express for more than the amount your asking and ask you to deposit it and send him the difference saying that he sent the wrong amount. He'll also tell you one of his guys will be by next week to pick up the car. A complete scam. If he does any of this turn him in to your local authorities.

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    I dont really know what they can do with #s and email. I was just concerned when RJ sent me a warning about this guy.

    I do know that with reverse look-up sights you can take a phone # or email and find out a lot about someone.

    Good example is what I did with this guys phone #.I found out his name address and names of relatives in about five minutes.I also have Google Earth.This allowed me to put in his address and get a satilite photo of his house.
    The scarry part is I know very liitle about computers and was able to find out all this.I can imagine what someone could do that makes a living scamming people on the net.
    Again was just wondering what this guy was up to.

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    I think you'll be alright as long as he doesn't have your bank account #'s or a credit card, or SS #'s there's not much he can get from you. I would just cancel any and all emails you get from him and write him off. That's one reason i use a yahoo email addy, even though i have a addy, that one i never give out unless i know the person.



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