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Thread: Am I the only one that thinks some of the prices are to high

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    Am I the only one that thinks some of the prices are to high

    I no there are some real nice cars on here and some are worth what they are asking .But just because its a 67-69 camaro or 66-72 nova that by its self dont make worth alot .If more of the parts are in boxes than on the car.I mean this is just what I think a car is only worth what the next person will give for it.I no alot of people are out of work but dont try to get a years pay out of a basket case.

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    This sounds very familiar..................
    to those who

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    Yeah your right most are too high not only camaro's or nova's- but ford's-mopars etc are too, but what do you do move on to the next one i guess.
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    I wonder how many people are actually selling their cars. Maybe there should be a sold section on Racingjunk so everyone can see what was sold and for how much :roll:

    I have my cars forsale and there is a lot of views but not one call. I think my prices are very fair but maybe everyone is just waiting to see what the economy is going to do.
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    mopars right, just go to the next one, but you might be surprised if
    you make an offer, on a pro-street 69 orange nova, it was beautiful,
    talk the guy down from 16k to 12k cash, well the guy forgot to
    mention that he had no title and drove it w/o tags, well, it
    was too much hassel to get another title so i passed. well the guy
    put the car back on rj and this time he put, "strip only", the
    car was nice, but i want to drive it to the car meet once in
    a while and tow to the drags, good luck :wink:

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    I mess with street car and drag cars but the only way im going to pay 10K or more for a roller is if its new . The avarge drag car if it has been run much its tore up.And the 60-73 street cars if the only panel on them that came from the factory is the roof its junk to me because not just anybody can do that much work right.

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    i just saw a 81 c10 pickup for 15,000. i would say alot of stuff on rj are over priced. maybe people are just trying to sell for enough to catch up on late payments? i have seen some what i think are really good prices
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    Over half the posters on RJ are just trying to see if they get a bite on the ad they post. Not that they want to sell it but would for the right price. The price some put on cars is what they "wish" to get and they wait and see 48% of that 50% dont get a bite so they keep posting. :lol:
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    i deal with hotrods and custom bikes. hell to me everything is over priced!! 15,000 for a t bucket 100,000 for a glass willys or 20,000 foe a stell 41 willys w ith 40 lbs of rust.a 30,000 to 100,000 custom harley NOW WAY.and dont get me started on houses. not one worth what people pay , and that includes me.but what can you do its pay to play and if you want to play you gotta pay!! but its not just rj its everywhere. newpaper ads, craigslist,magazines, there just to danm high everywhere!!!!! sorry for the spelling this morn. hard to see and i aint starting over ken

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    That is why you see some of the same cars and trucks on here month after month they want to much or just scared to deal

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