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Thread: cobradave everything junk, he scammed me out of my car

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    cobradave everything junk, he scammed me out of my car

    I traded a good car see ad #1426653 for his blower motor, his ad said NEW only 6 shake down passes, when I got this motor home the crank is cracked, bearings are turned rods are streached and the valves are bent, this motor was a complete pile of junk, the only good thing was the block, but it still needed to be line honed, this guy is not honest at all everything he sayes is a lie, he will not trade me back or reembruse me and is tring to sell the car quickly on here

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    OOh no.. it wasnt the blower motor from St louis MO was it..???blown,hat .and turn up mud pulling 460 ci BBC ????

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    ad #

    the ad number for the motor was 1348386.

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    no it was a motor from kentucky. he is a very dishonest person

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    re car

    his name is dave tucker is is trying to sell the car before the repo man gets his hands on it, HOPE I WIN . this is a bad deal.

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    The motor had six pass,s on It and never said it was ran I tried to wor with you but you made up some bullshit fake law officer and tried to steal the car with my motor in it and keep the one that you traded for so you are the lier! I will see you in court ! See you soon!State police will be contacting you!

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    oops!!! :?
    looks like thre may be just a little more to the story...

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    By the way the motor ran [email protected] to the 1/8 with a 1.09 60 ft shut off!
    I asked him if he would like me to take the rockers off for the winter and he said no thats ok the motor ran when I sold don,t know what you did when you got it home!
    And the only risen Iam selling the camaro is to pay $500,000 in doctor bills from my twin girl,s that where born 3 months early.
    My motor guy was going to fix it.Until some guy called me and said he was doing a investagtion in to this trade and asked me to give the car to him to worked out!
    He stop calling when i got the state police involved.Never heard from any one again! So Ian Don.t make up lies about someone If it is not true!
    If you come to KY we can work this out after you go to jail for impersinating an Officer of the Law!!

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    Interesting, very very interesting.

    Only a rich man can afford to use cheap parts.

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