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Thread: Its official I have been screwed by JJperformance add 171806

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    Its official I have been screwed by JJperformance add 171806

    I paid 7,000 for this car in ADD # 171806

    I pulled the motor down to inssure its freshness and sent it to my machine shop, turns out the valves are just stock valves, it has 9 to 1 pistons the bearings are trashed, the pistons have been hitting the heads, ( worng heads) and I need new ones or to rework the ones I have will cost over 1,000 bucks, the cam in unidentifiable, it has herbert lifters and crowler rockes, the person told me that he spent 10,000 on this bowers racing engine when I called that buisness they said they know the person but never built the engine, my machinist laughes when I told him all the specs that the engine was supposed to have and he said there was no way this engnie even had 400 hp and it looks like someone just through a bunch of old used parts in it to get it running, so now I am having to put beetween 3 and 4 grand back into this engine to get it were this guy told me it was. I called him and aked him to work with me to make this right and he said everything he posted is what the person told him the engine had in it, he wanted to call that person and he would call me back the next day. I told him that I am very nervous about the tranny now and if it was really what he said it was and I am maxing out my cc to get the engine right, I am out of money and most of my patients now. I have been very concerned that he has not called me back, last night my guts told me to look at the rear end, I pulled the cover and shit all over myself, the pinion gear moves up and down on the ring gear and the gear faces themselves look like a steel marble hase gone through them and the dam thing has stock axels. I called the seller and left a message and he called me back, I told him everything that I have found wrong with his add and I told him we both asked each other what was fair and I told him to send me 1,000 back to at least help me recoupe having to buy new heads and we will call it all even, he said well the money is long gone and it is written on the bill of sale that you bought the car as is site unseen. I said but you sold the car under false advertisment according to my lawyer, I told him we can work this oput like gentlemen or I can have him served and bring him court here in utah. He said he will never come to Utah and told me to do what I needed. Please do not do buisness with this guy he will not stand behind his word his excuss is well that what I was told was in the car.
    Any advise please.. I know Race junk will stand behind its user's.. :?:

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    that ad number don't work. at least not for me.

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    does not work for me either...

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    Standing right behind you


    Quote Originally Posted by harbone66
    does not work for me either...
    Probably because the seller saw this post and deleted the ad.
    Cowards often find courage behind a keyboard. If you want to get personal, look me in the eye when you say it, and be man enough to deal with the consequences.

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    your right but i have a link to the add it still works he must have deleted it after our phone call Last nite.

    try this link to read his add if it doesn't work I will copy and paste it on here for everyone to read.

    If he was on here and read this and didn't reply then he is in the wrong and he knows it.

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    Look at this guy avg sale price $7000.00 avg honor payment 00.00

    what a jewel !

    dont confuse this J&J Performance with the guys in [email protected] J&J they are good guys over there.
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    I'm sorry you got took but look at the ad: oversized valves, cam around 600 lift, turbo 400 with oversized powerglide pan??? This guy doesn't have a clue what he is selling. That would have been a red flag i could see from my house. Sorry but that would have been enough to scare me.

    Only a rich man can afford to use cheap parts.

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    Ya this is my first drag car, and yes lesson learned and it hurts like hell it took over a year to get the kitchen pass from my wife to get a car, I can only imagine what it's going to take to get another one from her to fix all the problems, just to make the car close to what he advertised, But my Lawyer has been contacted and we may be able to get all the money back as well as keep the car. Not to mention the money he is going to have to shell out for his lawyer and when I force him into court 500 miles away from his home and his time off of work at what ever he does besides screw people. I asked him to refund me 1,000 bucks to help cover my unexpected costs, its not like I told him to give me all my money back, and we and I would call everything even and it would be over and he refused. Even if I loose in court its going to cost him alot more than thatt.

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    I too am sorry you got stuck so bad on your first buy, and the guy obviously didn't know much about cars. BUT I HAVE TO ADMIT, he very well could have been half honest in what he said was in the motor. He said it was built by Bowers (AKA Fort Collins, BOWERS), loveland Co. is just outside of Fort Collins. Bowers as some will remember was posted on here about 1 1/2 yrs. ago as a scammer and crook, screwed many people over with wrong parts did not build on time, cheated suppliers, still owes RBS lot's of money on bad checks, on and on. He was later arrested and charged and i think is now out of business. BOWERS could have lied too the seller.



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    As soon as I saw around 600 lift cam, Im outta there.You get a motor built and you dont know what lift cam it has.See Ya...

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