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Thread: WHY?????

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    Why is it when someone get's scammed or ripped off the scammer still has a account and still dose buss on here? I see alot of that going on. The guy that ripped me off has changed his user name 3 time's and is still selling on here. Why dosn't racingjunk kick all these low life p.o.s's off this site??? I alway's wondered about that. I work hard for my $$$!!

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    I notice that too, from simple $100 ripoffs to tens of thousands! I know not all the stories in the forum are true but a ton of them are backed up with solid facts and yet the scammers are still running ads. I know the forum is seperate from the website but you would think that the RJ people would read these forums and see trends on certain scam artists. Is it about the all mighty dollar, maybe?


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    :? :? I have wondered that myself :?: :?:
    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    I dealt with two people from this site and both items I bought was $2000 dollars each. I got lucky both guys were very good to deal with, one of them was new to racing junk which scared me but I trusted him and he didn't let me down. I'm scared to buy anything from here now and I wish everyone who is getting ripped off the best of luck. Before buying ask if anyone has dealt with who ever the seller may be. If the seller is honest they won't mind people asking questions about them.

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    The site will not take action unless legal action has been taken against the scammer. It is also difficult to monitor screen names and free user accounts but the site does a very good job of keeping scammers to a minimum. You will always have them no matter how tight the security is.

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    Hey Fastted,

    I saw your posts. I looked his newest ad. I will not ever personally buy a thing from him. I remember the whole ordeal you went through. I don't know why they don't kick these low lifes off, but I am sure if it where that simple, they would. if you get down to a "he said, she said" case where it is just stories against stories, it has no legal weight. I am sure there are risks in the administration taking action... on a public forum. No days, that is probably a risky discrimination issue leading to slander/liaibity & Lawsuits, LAWERS, & JUDGES. Anyways, you are a good man that keeps an issue of principal... I would buy from someone like you. Take care. Rigsby
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