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Thread: timing chain installation

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    timing chain installation

    can someone tell me on this timing set we want to install about the crankshaft gear that has many slots for the key way. One of the slots has a o on it, but two teeth to the left the sprocket tooth has a o on it. We do not want to degree the cam, just want to go with a standard installation of a timing chain. Want to know which o to go with. Thanks for any advice

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    You should have 3 different marking on the lower sproket one should be a 0 the other should be a triangle and the other should be a sq. and the paper/installional should say 0 is for straight up and the other should say 4 degrees advanced or 4 degrees retarded. If you are going to degree the cam in you would be better off to open up the cam pin/dowel hole to 7/16" and use an excentic bushings and then you can put it dead on to what you want. Most cams today are ground within 1 degree of dead on useing the 0, because they have good equipment grinding the cams. I personally don't use those types of chains. I use the chains with the excentric bushing called a hex adjust, that way you can install the cam anywhere from 8 degrees retarded to 8 degrees advanced



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    Your taking a big chance by just installing the cam and timing chain on so called 0 advance without degreeing your cam. I just installed a brand new Reher Morrison cam that was ground on a 110 center line to be set up on a 2 degree advance 108 center line. When we degree the cam I set the timing chain up on 0 advance, but there the cam was at 103 center line. I had to put a 5 degree retard button to get the timing at 108. If I just installed the timing chain at 0, I would have had 5 degrees to much advance. Which might have gotten me in a bind with valve clearance not counting the fact it wouldn't have ran for sh#t. Always degree your cam when installing a new cam or timing chain. IMO

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    the thing about this crankshaft gear is that it has 8 different gear slots on it

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