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Thread: I need to talk to you guys!

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    I need to talk to you guys!

    Hey this is a bad situation, yesterday we were ROBBED, I along with a good friend buy insurance wrecked vehicles and rebuild them for the road . We try very hard to do all the things the vehicle needs to be safe and good looking ,We also do restorations,and we did a 79cutlass for a guy and painted it Pearl white w/blue flip/flop, and repainted it withTHE SAME COLOR AGAIN because he said it wasnt flip/floppy enough.OK we do that, fine, he comes and looks at it and LOVES IT THIS TIME,We are very happy he's happy,that was in OCT.He said he would pick it right up,SO yesterday he comes with 2 other people and pays my partner and then... grabs the $$ off the desk and runs for the car and takes off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My partner fought with him but he got away laughing at him.... well needless to say we're freaked out to say the least......Now you know what happens next,Police,...etc... DO YOU BELIEVE THIS OR WHAT, THIS IS WHAT WE'VE COME TO..... thanks for listening SORRY ITS SO LONG BUT I NEEDED TO TALK.............DR.

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    THAT'S WRONG..sounds like there needs to be some leg breakers show up on his door a shame also if something went wrong with paint it got sprayed with oven cleaner.sure make it hard to repaint.know what i'm saying.these a%# holes needs to be delt with the same way they deal with others.the old fashion way.
    sorry to hear about this.

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    Sorry to hear that.If it was me, I wish I could catch them before the police did. :evil: :evil: :evil:

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    Sounds like a little vigilante justice needs to be served, before our judicial system gets to them slaps them on the hand with a little probation and turs them loose. JMO

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    You know, I am not a very violant person, but in this kind of case, I think I would find him. I would learn as much as I could about this person & write down everything you remember about EVERY DETAIL of what happend (do not forget anything). Who knows him? Tatoos/Scars?Who are his friends? Next, where do they all live.... what do they all drive.... etc.

    Once the cops are involved, LATCH on to the investigator assigned to case & do not let go. Everytime you find any detial about this crime, call him & make sure you do not get pushed back to the bottom of the stack!! (this happend to me) You may end up doing more work than the investigator himself, but that is ok if it helps.

    Man, scary times we are in... glad you are ok & not hurt. Rigsby
    "I would walk through hell on Sunday before I fear the enemy"

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    Sorry to hear your bad news. Makes you wonder where these kind of jerks are raised. I hope you get the car back and they end up doing hard time.

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    Sorry to hear this, Seem's like this is happening all over, just the other morning @ 4;30, a guy goes up to a house here in the town i live in knocked on the door ask to use phone said car broke down, when inside, robbed the people, they are in their 70's, make's you wonder what's next? That's why we have gun's in the home's!!!!
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    It sounds to me they had this planned and were going to rob you either way.i think they were going to access the situation and see just how far they had to take it to get the car..reason i say this is that they put the money down and stalled your partner just long enough to get in their car and haul A$$ Just to GRAB the money back up...Not your typical robber style. David i would make it a policy to have both of you together when pay up time comes..but what worries me is that if both of you were there how far would these guys have taken it...would they have just left the money and paid for the paint or would a gun or something come into the picture..

    either way they robbed you..and i hate that for you..i know it hurts more then just the money part of it..its a violation against a MANS Soul or something deep inside.

    Something i would check on in NC ..if you provide service on a vehicle here in the state of SC weather is paint,tranny work simple engine repair and the customer doesn't pay then the provider can record a MECHANICS lien and repo the car..

    i know there is a criminal act committed here and when they arrest them if the judge doesn't order resistution or if he does order it and the guys do not pay up you may have to go the civil route..a machanics lien here in S.C IS A SURE FIRE WAY TO GET THEIR CAR.

    i persoanlly would go with the lien irregadless if NC has this persoanlly don't have to go get the car yourself..just hire a pick company to steal it and report it as repo...,just meake sure all your ends are covered legally..the local magistrate in your Home county can help you with the details of this.

    after getting car and holding it for the max amount of days the law requires,,sell it to the highest bidder..just be sure to hide the car somewhere else when you get it

    hope this helps some...sorry to hear this happened to you..glad NO-ONE is hurt.

    UPDATE :.
    I did a little checking for you and NCDOT does recognize a MECHANICS lien :!: i think the DOT would be a good place to start with how to properly execute one..i am sure it will lead back to the civil side of a local magistrate TO GET THE BALL is the FORM.



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    Tough times or not, these guys would've done it anyway. Unless you're very skilled at bringing physical harm onto another, do as Rigsby suggested. If you ARE very skilled, well, you wouldn't have posted here or anywhere. Things would have already been taken care of....

    In the future when sums of cash are involved, have your buddy/ies get license plate numbers and have a gun at hand but outa sight. Remember though, you ONLY pull down on someone with the FULL intent to pull the trigger. It will be a life changing instance if you do.
    This is an eye opener and it COULD have been worse,...THEY could've been pulling down on YOU...Lesson learned
    good Luck to ya.
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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    I live in baton rouge,la. What part of NC do you live in and do you have any info on this guy. I have a very good friend in NC that would be more than happy to deal with this situation. Send me a pm if you need help. I'm a ex norcotics officer and believe me I'm old school he would pay. Let me know if I can help.

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