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Thread: nitrojoe hemituner re (dick) Gaylord

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    nitrojoe hemituner re (dick) Gaylord

    I have paid $1475 of my hard earned dollars to mr re gaylord in Ny And still have for him to ship my parts. I am still not sure he is screwing me but its starting to look that way. I had make three payments to him always on time and he always took or returned my calls. now that he has my payment in full he has only taken my calls once. infact after trying to reach him for days we made contact and had aranged to have a truck pick up my stuff today but he didnt return the calls to the trucking company or myself costing me another $75 for a truck driver who was slated to pick up the stuff. I am still holding out hope as things do happen
    but will soon have no choice but to turn it over to the FBI as the transaction was interstate and falls under federal laws. anyways dick
    please contact me asap so we can get this deal finished.....Rob

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    Dick Gaylord

    Sorry you are having such trouble with Mr. Gaylord, but should have checked some of the old posts on him. He is a not reputable by any means and many years ago had the pleasure of learning first hand of his dealings and what is word meant. He might be nice to your face, but once he gets your money, hard to pin him down on finishing it up or deliver as promised. I also took him to court and had the local police pay him a visit. He also had to move out of one town because of all his misdeeds. Don't waste any more time waiting, file with the local law enforcement on him and go after him. The longer you wait, whichis what he hopes for, the less likely you will get your items. Good luck.

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    If you think nobody cares, try missing a payment...

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    I too have sent dick 1200 for some parts i have yet to see talked to him a few times emailed a few times my second payment was sent nov 12 to up grade a mag and add a new part to the list,talked to him after he confirmed reciept of cash, but was down with the flu and said he would ship within a week left last message on dec 27 giving benifit of doubt on shipping delays with christmas seeing as i am on west coast, if i see nothing in a few weeks i guess cops will be involved. i hope i didn't get ripped this is the first purchase i have ever made like this.After reading some more info on this site i am including some info, my first contact with Dick Gaylord was Oct,27,2008 one week later i sent a money order for 900 then after talking to him i added some more parts and upgraded a mag for another 300 which was mailed on Nov 12,2008 to 1122 Vine St Liverpool Ny 13088,The ad Number i dealt on was Ad #1314558 - MALLORY SUPER MAG III & DUNN OFFSET. the email i have been using which i have had responses only twice is [email protected]. and a contact phone nuber of 315 592 1392, and his user name was nitrojoe, i have phoned him numerous times leaving messages to give me some idea of what is going on and emailed a couple of times aswell, I have heard nothing.

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    Guy's i hate to say it but i do believe you have gotten screwed!!!!!!!
    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    Just give the man what he paid you for, parasite!

    I think we need state by state organizations of people (racers) who will pay these maggots personal visits to hash out issues like this. With police knowledge of course. <wink wink> Anybody been ripped off by anyone in New Mexico? I have a line with the attorney general here and may be able to help you. I have a vast network of forums and mailing lists that could aid in retrieval of funds or parts. If nothing else I can chase the cockroaches out into the light and prevent more chicanery.
    All I would ask is compensation for postage and such. Bringing down intestinal gutsuckers like GOLOUD is reward enough in itself.

    Moderators, if this is not appropriate, I apologize and you have my permission to take it down. But, this is war. Money is too hard to come by for some immoral charlatan to outright steal from us.

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    This department is on a first name basis with Dick Gaylord,call them and they will send someone right over.This is not a first time for them,and usually get results.

    Liverpool Police Department
    310 Sycamore St, Liverpool, NY 13088 (315) 457-0722
    There Is 1 Thing Better Than Cubic Inches,,,More Of Them

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    This is one of the reasons that I feel a feedback type of site is necessary. Most people would avoid dealing with thieves if there were a way to identify them. I know I won't deal with people with poor feedback on EBay unless they have a good rep and have been there awhile. No matter how good it looks, it is useless if it is a ripoff. Cockroaches and parasites need to be exposed.

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    I still don't understand why they don't kick theses pos's off racingjunk!!!! I have also been screwed pretty good by someone and they still do buss off this site!!!

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    read the other Gaylord Ads

    This is what happens when you deal with people like Dick
    RJ does not want to remove him that means making a decision :twisted: :evil: :?:

  11. Racing Junk

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