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Thread: I bought a Funnycar off Roger Ayers Watch this seller

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    I bought a Funnycar off Roger Ayers Watch this seller

    I bought a Funny car off Roger Ayers from Big Stone Gap VA. The ad said BEST FUNNY CAR ANYWHERE for $10,000. What a joke this man was telling. I was told that this car will not pass tech anywhere. Not to mention that he sent his boy to meet me 1/2 way so I can't say anything to him. Didn't send the belly pan or none of the tin work for the chassis or the motor plates. I was told that it was a 1995 chassis as well. This is BULL. I was told by a chassis shop that it was an early 70's chassis. He is now selling more cars on here so BUYER BEWARE. If you need more info, Please email me and I'll tell you all I know. Thanks for your time, David

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    Roger Ayers

    Ad # was 1322404 Phone is 276-393-4460. I want the parts that was to come with this car. Also said Best funny car anywhere. The funny car cage was cut off 2 in off main rail and welded back on. This car is truely not the best car anywhere. I can send pics if needed. The man lied about the year of the chassis when I called before the sale. He told me it was a 1995 chassis. I'll take the blame for not going and looking at the car first but he didn't send all that should have came with the car. This man now says the car was sold as is. It didn't say anything about as is in the ad. It did say BEST FUNNYCAR FOR $10,000 anywhere. Now there is a 1995 OLDS Funny Car that is 10 times better then the car I bought off of Roger. I also told Roger that I was going to be running Advanced ET and was told that would not be a problem. What a mess I got.

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    :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x you must,,you must,,you must,, look at what you are buying.i feel your pain !!!!!

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    I have read the ad, It say's a 1995 Mustang fiberglass body, doesn't say anything about what year chassis is? I know these people i race them at rogersville, tenn , will admit i don't care for them, if i can help i sure will try. Just watch my videos on my profile and watch me put his 5.90 ford thunderbird he has for sale on the trailer.

    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    Mopar, I was told by him and his buddy that the chassis was the same year as the body. When I bought the car from him, He seemed respectable. What a bummer

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    From: roger13racer To: superacer77 Date: 2008-12-15 11:43:27
    Subject: Re: Dave from OHIO
    Re: Ad #1353483 - Chevy Monza For Sale-Featured on Pinks Allout

    car was sold as is man, i paid over $12K for the car and looking at prices of funny cars on the internet, i didn't find one anywhere near that price
    i only told you what i had been told about the car, no intentions to mislead you or anyone else, but buying it was your decision, it is a good car, almost everything on it is new, you can't get a $30K-$40K funny car for $10K, for $10K that car is a good one, sorry you are not liking it but it was sold as is, and you could have not bought it at any time

    On [2008-12-14 19:23:22] superacer77 wrote:
    > You lost all respect from me Roger. Why don't you take my phone calls. I really thought you were a good person when I talked to you on the phone and thought I was getting a good car. This piece of shit you sold me wouldn't past tech no where. You told me it was a 95 chassis and it is about a 75-79. Your ad stated (Best Funnycar anywhere for $10,000). What a joke!!! Then I can't get the rest of the stuff that should have came with the car. (tin work and motor mounts. I got the word out on you buddy. Thanks for nothing. I am also going to talk to an Atty to see if I can get you for miss leading me as I got proof with my buddy that called your buddy as a wittness.

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    Re: Ad #1353483 - Chevy Monza For Sale-Featured on Pinks Allout

    get lost man, and stop emailing me, i have already reported this to the website, you bought a race car as is and took delivery of it, do what you need to but stop sending me messages

    On [2008-12-15 21:46:46] superacer77 wrote:
    > WOW look here a 6 sec car for WHAT $10,000 man what a deal and IT IS A 1995 chassis. I'll be taking this to court with me...
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    > AD CATEGORY :: Drag Racing Cars :: Funny CarMain Category
    > Ad #1402351 Posted:2008-12-15 18:58:09
    > This ad expires in 83 days.
    > 1995 Oldsmobile Funny Car
    > $10,000.00
    > 1995 Bob Newberry Chassis 125" wheelbase certified in 2006 for quickest- 5.99. Chassis is clean black like new. Olds body white (fresh paint). Comes with 2 body stands, motor mounts chrysler hemi, funny car zoomies fit ken vinnie heads clean fresh paint. Full floater rear end fresh brakes.
    > Wheelie bar, fuel cell, dry sump tank, weight bar battery and computer box. Tach, boost gauge, oil press gauge.
    > No center section or chutes, has two shoot packs with body mounted cables. Rear wheels also not included but does come with a set of 34.5 slicks.
    > Seller Phone Number: 734-476-4293
    > This item is USED
    > Trades NOT ACCEPTED
    > Payment options:
    > Cash
    > Item Location: ONSTED, MI Get Directions To This City
    > This ad expires in 83 days.

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    I Bought this car and Roger said He would meet me 1/2 way. He did tell me that his boy was going to be bringing it up and we would meet in Ashland KY. He also told me that he himself was going to try and come up as well. He didn't show. We unloaded the car on to my trailer and I seen that alot of stuff was missing and made comment on that. His boy told me and my girlfriend that he forgot it and that when he got back home he would tell Roger that the stuff was forgotten and that Roger would send the stuff to me.
    Now before I was to meet them 1/2 way and we first made the deal, I told Roger that I was interested in this car and I was told that he would save the car til I got the money together to buy it. (1 week ) I told him that would be the time. He kept telling me what a good car I was getting and I (like a fool) went ahead and sent him $8,500 to hold the car til the follwing weekend and he told me that he had a big race and couldn't be there so I made it for the following weekend. That was when HE said that his boy would meet me 1/2 way. I just wish I would have went do there and got it from him. Like I said before, I'll take the blame and eat this deal. I just want the parts that comes with the car

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